January 7th, 2006


what should i make?

I've nothing to do tomorrow. Whats a reallyyy good meal that I could make thats fairly time consuming and pretty (so that my dad will eat it)? It shouldnt require too many gadgets though because I only have the basics.

something savoury would be ideal for the main course. desserts are fun to make if theres one that goes well with the recipe you are suggesting. im looking for the kind of dishes that you never really have time to prepare but are super yummy. know what i mean?


Homemade silken tofu?

Hola guys, I've been making my own tofu and soymilk for a few months now using the mineral nigari, and I've been wanting to make silken tofu, but it requires a different coagulant called

Glucono delta lactone.

Has anyone ever seen this at an asian store or used it? Supposedly there's only one US producer of it and the only place I can find to buy it is on ebay. Any clues would be greatly appreciated as I'm the only person I know of making homemade tofu.

BTW- here's a visual guide to making homemade tofu that I did- Visual Guide to making tofu
godless whore

Wasabi mayo?

Okay, guys, I cruised the memories (like a good little poster), but couldn't find what I was looking for...

Either tonight or tomorrow I am going to make sweet potato fries (drooooool...). That's not the problem ^_^. I want to make like a wasabi mayo dip for them. I also thought about adding some avocado to the dip too. Any recipes or suggestions? I might experiment tonight, but if anyone has any good recipes, let me know!