January 10th, 2006

Yummy Sandwich

Yesterday I made a tofu sandwich and it tasted just like lunchmeat. I sliced the tofu almost paper-thin (like lunchmeat), put a little Braggs, fresh garlic, veggie oil, and some molasses (a tiny amount) in a frying pan, and fried it up until the tofu was crispy. Then I put it on some home-made bread, with Veganaise, a cabbage leaf, grilled onions, pepper, and sesame tahini. A very simple recipe, but prob'ly the best lunch I've had in a long time.

Kids with soy allergies!

I am looking for some *tried and true* recipes that are vegan AND don't contain soy. Not just 'this was great, i'm sure you could use rice milk instead' suggestions, but things you have actually cooked and had success with. its regarding young children who i am pretty sure are used to 'normal' kid food. they are not vegan but among the three of them exist egg, dairy, and soy allergies. i would like to offer some really awesome and easy to make (their mom is very busy, works a lot and commutes from the city to the suburbs) recipes to her. i know that the allergies they have aren't too severe right now (like one can have a piece of birthday cake and not react the same as if he/she would eat a piece of cheese), but i thought it would be a nice gesture to give her some recipes. or hell, you give them to me and i'll make them and bring them to her. they can be 'food' stuffs or treats. help!

curry leaves

I have a fantastic-smelling bag of organic curry leaves that I would like to do something with tonight. i've made a lot of curry in my time, but never using fresh leaves, and I don't really know what to do with them. ideas?
kate and I.

mustard powder vs. the real stuff

I found this recipe on www.theppk.com for homemade vegan mayonnaise. I want to use it because they don't sell that stuff in my town and I hate having to travel and waste gas just to get a jar. Anywho, my question is: it calls for mustard powder. I don't have mustard powder. However, I do have mustard. Should I try using this, maybe adding it in small amounts to taste? Or is the powder completely different? help!

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Roly Poly


I've got 4 avocados that are rapidly approaching ripeness. Do I need to use/freeze them all right now, or if I pop them in the refrigerator will that halt the ripening without doing weird things to them?

On another note, does anyone have a good recipe for avocado curry? Or anything else to do when one cuts into an avocado only to discover--too late!--that it's really not as ripe as you want it to be?

Gorillaz - Demon Days - Don't Get Lost In Heaven

PERFECT tempeh wrap

1 Tortilla ( i used an ezekial sprouted one)
1/2 serving Tempeh
Adzuki Beans, MASHED
Olive Oil
Annie's Goddess Dressing
Veggies to your liking

Cut the tempeh into very thin sticks, brush with olive oil and cook in a toaster oven until they're crispy!

Lay out your tortilla and put down the Mashed Beans first- then add a drizzle of Goddess Dressing. Layer the tempeh on top , as well as spinach, lettuces, tomatoes, etc! Roll up and munch down, because seriously, something about mashed beans and tangy dressing and crispy tempeh is PERRRRFECT!
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Italian rainbow/tricolor cookies and cake

Somebody some months ago posted asking about Italian rainbow cookies and how to veganize them. My mom magically found a recipe that didn't involve doing various complicated things with egg yolks and egg whites, and they converted quite easily.

Not content to stop there, I decided to take the yummy, moist, almondy, cakey layers and actually make a cake with them. It's a tricolor torte, in homage to the cookies, but instead of the traditional apricot jam, I subbed in black cherry, as you can never go wrong with almond and cherry together. And even better is chocolate ganache on top! OMNOMNOMNOMNOMClicking the photo takes you to my instructions for making the torte, and beneath that, a quick explanation of how to make vegan versions of the actual cookies as inspired by the linked recipe.

(Why yes, yet another Italian recipe from ol' q_v. How did you guess? :P)
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Chickpea gravy recipe?

Would anyone that has Vegan with a Vengeance feel like being a kind and generous soul and sharing the chickpea gravy recipe?

i've been craving that for a week to go with my mashed potato kick and have, subsequently, spent the last week going around to every Barnes and Noble in the Brooklyn/NYC area after work to get the book, to no avail.

in any case.. in the meantime, would anyone be so kind as to sate a few tastebuds? :)