January 11th, 2006

Marmite cooking ideas?

I bought some marmite, confusing it with vegemite which is basically the same but subtly different.
And I hate it!
I googled marmite recipes looking for a way to use it up, & everything i found was with meat or cheese (sandwich & breakfast "ideas"). I'm not too into sandwiches or fake cheese & rarely eat breakfast foods.
Does anyone have any suggestions for different uses for it? i.e as part of stir-frys or soup stock or anything else?

Gadgets, appliances, and the such.

Iam interested in knowing what fine gadgets, appliances, (and the such) all of you wonderful vegan cooks have found amazing, useful, or disastrous, whether they are used, new, thrifted or gifts.

I am always on the look out for helpful containers, gadgets, and appliances that will make my cooking experience even more enjoyable and/or easier.

Thanks in advance !!!

mac and cheese with veggies

i made this today, and it's the best mac and cheese i've ever had. and i've never liked mac and cheese in my life!

4 cups pasta (i used elbow macaroni)
a cups or so of chopped broccoli
1 bell pepper, sliced
2 tomatoes, chopped
a cup or so of corn
1/2 onion, diced
a few tablespoons butter (or oil)
4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons nutritional yeast
soy milk (a cup or two probably)
salt and pepper
chili powder
basil and oregano

cook the pasta and cut up the vegetables. mix them in with the pasta and put in a casserole dish.

melt the butter in a little pot. add the diced onion and sautee until it's translucent. add the flour and cook for a minute or two. add the nutritional yeast, and add a little bit of soymilk to make it a nice pastey type thing. cook for a minute, and then add soy milk.

add the spices (the turmeric makes it yellow!) and let it cook until it's thick and yummy looking.

pour the sauce on top of the pasta and vegetables, top with some basil and oregano and put in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees.
Money Back Guarantee!

cook books and soups for the sick

Ok is there a full colour cookbook that has pictures of every recipe? It seems all the vegan cookbooks are just word recipes with no pictures or they just have a few. I need pictures to know what the food is supposed to look like! Any suggestions would be great.

Second question, what is a good soup recipe to ward off a cold or has a lot of vitamins to help get better? Since we don't have chicken soup...the fake chicken soup tastes funny to me and hurts my tummy.

Dear old roommate

My roommate is a crazy carnivore. Well, technically omnivore, but you know. He eats large servings of meat as a bedtime snack. Last night was veal parmesan (!!!). Anyways. I was throwing out all these gross hamburger helpers (that he swears are from the roommate before me) that were at least a year expired in many cases and came across this big container of freeze-dried instant mashed potatoes. It's a full container of crazy potato flakes and I couldn't find an expiration date. To be honest--the "morbid" side of me is intrigued. I want to use these potato flakes, but aside from mashed potatoes, all I can come up with is avant garde food sculpture (seriously). Any suggestions? I've got a lot of this stuff and he will never miss it.