January 20th, 2006


Amazing source of vegan ingredients

I just discovered Nature's Flavors, which has all kinds of gems such as vegan (often organic) flavorings (mostly fruity stuff, but also butter, caramel, and shrimp flavors!), food-grade cocoa butter (homemade chocolates or white chocolates, anyone?), vegan coffee creamer powder (crazy cheap!), and oodles of other stuff.

Have fun!

Edit: Wow, the products may be well-priced, but the shipping is crazy (starts at $8.50 US)--be sure to consolidate your orders!

"sausage" recipe

I had brunch at veg*n friendly coffee house here last weekend where a vegan sausage was served. It tasted better than any mock meat I've ever tried. I'm seriously doubtful the chef will share her recipe with me. I have the Chicago Diner Cookbook, but I can't find it today. Does anyone have a beloved recipe for fake sausage patties that they're willing to share?

Sweet Potato Curry

What started out as soup went on to become some kick ass
curry! I skinned and boiled the sweet potatoes and mashed them with my
hand mixer. I added the coconut milk and the veggie broth. I
added the following spices: garlic, ginger, tumeric, cinnamon and
cumin. I added sea salt to taste. Towards the end, I threw in
some dried shitake mushrooms. I got this HUGE bag at Costco for ten
bucks! It is like the size of a ceral box! Everyone had the
soup that night. There was plenty left over so I put it in a
container and into the fridge.

I refused to let it just sit and go bad so I heated it back up last
night and made some brown rice. I had an avacado that needed to
be used up ASAP so I tossed it in along with a red bell pepper. I
put the newly transformed curry onto the rice and topped it off with
cashews. I honestly couldn't believe my mouth. It was so
good! It was a huge hit! I think the fact that it sat overnight
gave the flavors a bit of a chance to blend together because it tasted
noticably better today and I didn't add any more seasoning.

So there ya go. Sweet Potato Curry!

Brownie help needed!

While I'm here posting, I guess I'll ask if any of you have advice..

I tried veganizing a regular brownie recipe I had using Ener*G egg replacer instead of eggs and Soy Garden instead of butter. It was still liquidy after it had cooked for longer than the recipe called for, and when it finally solidified it turned out to be disasterously greasy, and pretty much inedible.

Basically, I'm wondering, are there other substitutions that I should have known about, or what should I know text time I try to make vegan brownies?

Making simple syrup without a stove?

my stove just stopped working! like, in the last ten minutes. not one burner will turn on. this would be a lovely and convenient excuse for my not having to cook dinner for my family (and i'll likely still use it for that) but i desperately needed to make a simple syrup for some baking i'm doing that MUST be done today. i don't have a microwave or a toaster oven. i've got my conventional oven (which, thankfully, is still running) and an electric crockpot. does anyone have any advice?