January 21st, 2006


homemade energy bars/snacks?

Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade energy/snack bar that they would like to share? I used to be addicted to Clif Bars (I pretty much ate one a day - expensive and not really all that healthy given the nutritional info for most of the bars) but I got over that one during break. I tried a LaraBar for the first time as a splurge (b/c they are nearly $2 for one) one morning on my recent trip to LA and then picked up a few more when I saw them on sale at WildOats. I highly recommend them - they are raw food vegan energy bars - sooo yummy and they really do fill you up! :) I am looking for recipes for homemade vegan energy bars or snacks so that I can bring them with me when I am bopping around town/campus/whatever so that if I get hungry I can just pull it out of my purse and curb the hunger as opposed to caving in and spending $3-4 to get a drink and snack should I be lucky enough to be near someplace where I can get a vegan snack or wander on starving if I can't. I only saw one recipe in the memories - for someone's homemade granola bars but it had raisins in it and I dislike raisins muchly. So I am (to be more specific) looking for recipes for homemade vegan energy bars/snacks that are relatively cheap and easy to make and do not contain raisins. I will be in Australia next semester (er this semester but I don't leave until the 6th and my classes don't start until the 20th) and while the apartment I am staying in comes with a stocked kitchen and I am sure some of my roommates will bring some of their cooking stuff with them I do not expect to have access to a food processor (though you never know, I could be lucky). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! :)
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food photos:lasagna, banana bread, and hello kitty waffles

Yesterday I made Tofu Spinach Ricotti Lasagna and banana bread!!!!

The recipe for this is in the memories some where. This is my second time making it. I love it so much!! It will feed me for awhile! I also made some garlic bread. (chopped garlic, butter, red peppers in a skillet to melt the butter, put in the middle of the bread and toasted in the oven) Corn, from a can, and a salad!

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Seriously you guys, the easiest banana bread ever. (http://vegweb.com/recipes/bread/2272.shtml)
It is SO GOOD too. I added chocolate chips and almonds!

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This morning I used my new(on sale!) Hello Kitty Waffle maker. Needless to say, I loveeeeee it. I used the waffle recipe on the back of a Bisquick box(veganized)!
(2 cups bisquick, 1 1/3 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup applesauce, 2 tbsp oil)
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Happy cooking!
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"Simple Treats" Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made the chocolate chip cookies from the Simple Treats cookbook last night (my first time making anything from this book). They turned out really delicious though a bit on the dry side once they cooled. I followed the recipe exactly (other than leaving out the optional nuts) and don't have much experience with vegan baking; are these cookies normally on the dry side and what might I do to increase their chewiness next time? Might I need to bake them a little less or add more oil? I used canola by the way.

Thank you!

(edit: recipe in comments)

cranberry sauce/ chestnut puree

I took home a huge box of canned food from work last night, some that we don't sell anymore, some that are slightly dented, some that have no label, and it's time to start cooking, but there are a few mysteries to clear up first.

1. I have four jars of stonewall kitchen cranberry raspberry sauce. I'm thinking that I may be able to use it as a binder instead of applesauce and make pancakes, muffins, cranberry bread...any reason that wouldn't work?

2. I have five cans of chestnut paste, which is traditionally used with lots of chocolate, butter and rum to make a no-bake, flour free cake. I combined one can of it with some rum and a bunch of coconut, rolled it into little balls, froze them and dipped them in chocolate. They're good, but I'd like to find something else to do with the rest of it. any ideas? The paste itself is very sweet, so it doesn't need any sugar added, and it wouldn't be good in any kind of savory recipe.

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IMO...ever heard of this?

Okay party people. Yesterday my coworker tells me I just have to try this vegan dip she made. I took one look at it and said "Uh...what's in it?"

She goes on and on about this stuff called IMO. She says it's nondairy and her mother used to put it in fruit salads. I have never heard of this stuff in my life.

I spent yesterday and now today searching for it online to find out what it's made from.

I tried it yesterday after she swore to me that it was a-okay, but methinks it was a bad judgment on my behalf.

Is this IMO stuff vegan? Could anybody get me the ingredients list or point me in the right direction?