February 3rd, 2006

artichoke & sun dried tomato rotini (from how it all vegan).

i bought how it all vegan last summer, but i didn't really start using it until the past month or so. i made cookies from "the garden of vegan" (same person) and wasn't really happy with how they turned out so i wasn't sure how much i'd end up liking either cookbook. but wow this cookbook has really impressed me! i now have enough confidence in it to flip through, pick something (anything), and make it. even if it sounds strange or like something i might not like. quite a great cookbook. :) i haven't made much from "garden of vegan" yet, but how it all vegan is gooood.

one of the things i made was the artichoke & sun dried tomato rotini. the recipe has 3 things i'm wary of: sun dried tomatoes, aritchokes, and capers. but i could NOT believe how good it was. :D such a lovely surprise.

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Superbowl Sunday Snacks

Good afternoon!

It looks as if I'm going to be throwing a super bowl party this sunday. I live in Seattle and my friends are absolutely set on needing to have a party this year. None of us like football all that much, but hey, it's a good excuse. ;)

Anyway, I need to come up with a bunch of vegan snacks, finger foods, appetizers, etc to serve at our super bowl extravaganza. Maybe even a dessert as well...

Any suggestions/recipes would be most appreciated. Thank you!
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The Whole Soy Cookbook?

Does anyone have the whole soy cookbook? I copied some of the recipes from it before returning it to the library and I just realized that the recipe for Tempeh Spring Rolls with Sweet-and-Sour Sauce requires the vegetable stock on page 120 of the bok and the sweet and sour sauce on page 39. If anyone has the book I would really appreciate it if they would type up those recipes for me. Thanks so much! :)

No oil baking?

Do any of you notice a difference in your baked goods(muffins/breads)when you don't use oil?I made some muffins this week and replaced the oil with applesauce and a bit extra soymilk and the muffins turned out great,just as good quality as if they were with oil.Has anybody else experienced this?Or opposite results?Besides fat,what are the benefits of baking with oil?

super creamy hot chocolate

Just whipped this up in my kitchen. It's kind of like a brownie in beverage form. Hope you like it ^_^

2 c. chocolate soymilk
1/3 c. dry soymilk powder (I used Better Than Milk)
scant 1/2 c. cocoa powder
1/2 c. sugar
2 heaping tsp. cornstarch dissolved in 1/2 c. cold water
1-2 squares bittersweet chocolate (I used Lindt 85%)
toppings/add-ins: Silk creamer, whipped cream, extract, or liqueur

Measure soymilk into a medium saucepan and whisk in the powdered soymilk, then the cocoa powder, then the sugar. (It's okay if it doesn't all dissolve right away; as you heat the mixture, it'll become much smoother.) Add the cornstarch (which does need to be completely dissolved, for best results) and whisk again, then begin heating everything on a low-medium flame.

I switched back and forth between the whisk and a flexible plastic slotted spatula, which is good for scraping the bottom to prevent anything sticking and burning; it took about 5 minutes of near-constant gentle stirring to get everything to dissolve. (If any stubborn lumps of soymilk powder remain, just skim them off.) Once everything's dissolved and smooth, place one square of chocolate on the spatula and gently swish it around in the hot chocolate until it melts. Repeat with another square if you want a stronger chocolate flavor.

Serve immediately, stirring as you pour to get any thicker stuff off the bottom of the pan. Pour into two mugs (omg romantic) and add any of the optional ingredients. (I put Silk French vanilla in mine. There are some recipes in the memories for making whipped cream with some of that soymilk powder.) If the hot chocolate is too rich or thick, you can thin it with more soymilk, but the way it turns out, it's great for slurping with a spoon.