February 4th, 2006

Apple Cider Vinegar

I've got TONS of it lying around my house. What can it be used for? I found some info on the web, but it doesn't give me good ideas of HOW to actually use it. The stuff I have is the commerical stuff, and if it's supposed to be good for me, I will start to invest in the organic stuff. Is there a tonic one is supposed to take or something?

Bread making and almond butter questions

I just picked up a bag of 7-grain cereal (cracked wheat, cracked rye, etc.) that I'd like to use to bake bread today. I have a recipe into which I'd like to incorporate some of the cereal, but was wondering a) if I should cook the cereal before adding it to the bread dough, and b) how much I should increase the amount of liquid in the bread according to how much of the cereal I add.

Also, I just bought some unsalted roasted almond butter that was on sale at the local health food store. Aside from using it wherever I'd use peanut butter, I was wondering if anybody would have some interesting ideas concerning what else I could do with it.

Roly Poly

Help with random Asian foods?

I went crazy at Uwajimaya (Asian mega-grocery in the northwest US) the other day, and now I have things that I have no idea what to do with. I thought Google would be more helpful than it has been. Any help here?

Here's what I got:

  • Fresh arrowroot, aka Chinese potatoes aka tse goo (picture and brief description near top of the page here). I have other ingredients to make a stir-fry. Would they be good in there? What else could I do with them? I bought several.

  • Acorn jelly. This looks like a brown version of water-packed silken tofu and was sold in the same case, but...how do I cook it? It's just acorn starch and water. Does it need to be cooked, or is it eaten cold? Any seasonings to put on it?

  • Malaysian rice cake (ketupat, maybe?). It looks like this is just rice in special plastic packets so that when you throw the whole thing in boiling water (for an hour?? That's what the package says) you wind up with a sort of congealed block that you then cut in small cubes. And then....just serve as a side? What's it traditionally eaten with?

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  • eyes

    phyllo dough

    Hiya. I recently found some vegan phyllo/fillo dough, and was wondering if
    anyone knew any good recipes to use it for? I've been looking all over for
    this, so I want some deeeeelicious. I looked in the memories but didn't find
    much of anything. Thanks.

    Kitchen Sink Stew

    So.... I made a concoction in my crockpot consisting of a mix of dried beans, some potatos, carrots, squash, and brocoli, and veggie broth. Due to the beans not softening as quickly as anticipated and my working all day today, this stuff has been in the crockpot for over 24 hours now! It has turned into a thick, indistinguishable stew. It tastes really blah... it has been seasoned and salted, but it just tastes like anystew.

    There is a TON, and I really want to salvage it. Any ideas what to add, a way to serve it, or a dish into which it could be incorporated?