February 9th, 2006

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Tasty Office Lunch: Black beans & rice with veggies

I wish I could photograph my lunch today; it's very pretty for
microwaved eat-at-my-desk office fare.

black beans, baby spinach, sauteed red peppers & zucchini (I cooked
them in olive oil last night; I just let the microwave steam the
spinach) with cumin, lime juice, chili powder, and BBQ sauce, over a mix
of brown and wild rice.


...I also had some of the brown rice/wild rice mix for breakfast with
maple syrup and vanilla soymilk. Tasty, but it wanted a little

Pad Thai

I have some lovely rice noodles, bean sprouts and peanuts just waiting to be made into Pad Thai tonight! I have two different recipes!  The recipe in this book says to use veggie broth as the base for the sauce.  The recipe in "Vegan with a Vengance" says to use rice wine vinegar.  Most of the other ingredients are basically the same.  Which one should I try??   

Best EASY sweets recipe!

Hey all, just a quick question:

My friend and I are going to cook dinner and then bake sweets tomorrow night, to celebrate my birthday. I'm looking for a QUICK recipe with as FEW ingredients as possible. So far the easiest thing I've found is brownies, but brownies aren't my favorite sweet so I was hoping to find a good cookie or cake recipe.

I would be very greatful for any recommendations! Also, we haven't decided what to make for the dinner yet--I was planning on looking up recipes myself, but again, if knows any easy, quick, recipes that are good to make for 5-7 people (that might also appeal to non-vegans) let me know!

Thanks in advance.
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San Antonio: Land of the Breakfast Tacos?

Quick back story: My fiance, Era, is a member of a hip hop collective here in town featuring musical groups, deejays, graffiti artists and the like. Many times they will put on a show and bring down some better known artists via Scion (as in the car). Scion has made it a point to be down with the youth and have sponsored monetarily many a show. In return, the guys take pictures of people holding Scion merchandise.

Anyway. Last week, I was reading the latest edition of Scion Magazine. The issue was centered on food and they talked a lot about vegetarianism. One article featured the writer trying different mock meats. What caught my eye and disgusted me was his commentary on Soyrizo. He absolutely LOVED it. He kinda went into gory detail about how real chorizo is made from salivary glands and lymph nodes. ::puke::

Earlier this week I informed my coworkers about it and they made me promise to make Soyrizo for them. This morning I gave Soyrizo and egg, tofu scramble and sauteed potatoes to an office full of anti-vegetarians. THEY ADORED IT. The tofu went fast, which kinda surprised me. Two coworkers swore they would never eat chorizo again and were super set on getting Soyrizo the next time they went grocery shopping. I feel victorious! Bwahahaha. They will be turned.

How often do your coworkers ask for tofu recipes?
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one-loaf bread recipes?

Does anyone have a good, simple recipe for whole wheat bread that makes just one loaf? We don't go through a ton of bread in our house, and I've only got one loaf pan anyway. (Well, only one for sandwich-sized bread, unless you can think of a use for mini loaves besides being totally cute.) Also, I have lots of whole wheat flour, but it's all just plain flour, not specifically the bread or the pastry type.