February 15th, 2006

LZ spring fling shoot

Easy "Chicken" (Tempeh) Salad Sandwich

today i got home from work & thought, "there is no g.d. way i am going through the effort of actually cooking something." it'd been a long day. i had a tofurkey sandwich for lunch, so that was out, too, but some other sort of sandwich sounded good. i ended up making my own variation of a tempeh mock chicken salad that turned out really well. it's super-simple, quick & tasty. it was a warmish day today, but now that i've tried it i can imagine this being amazing on a hot summer's day when to turn on the stove seems too much effort.

(i found the base recipe for this somewhere online, & i would credit, but i really can't remember & didn't print out that part of the page. if someone recognizes it, feel free to comment or link to the original.)

--1 tsp. salt.
--2 stalks of celery, chopped.
--1/4 c. chopped onion.
--chopped parsley.
--dill weed.
--garlic powder.
--nayonaise (or whatever mayo substitute you prefer).
--mustard (i used yellow, but spicy would probably be even better).
--1 tbsp. lemon juice.
--braggs OR hot sauce (or whatever you fancy).

grate tempeh and marinate in water with salt for 20 minutes. drain & dry well. i towel-dried mine & let it sit out for a minute or two to dry up. then you mix all the rest of the ingredients the same way you would a tuna or chicken salad. add things according to your tastes. i'm not a huge fan of nayo (or mayo), so i kept mine on the dry side. i found that putting all the dry items together, mixing & then tentatively adding wet items worked the best.

when you've mixed to an agreeable level of all ingredients, you slap that puppy in some pita, on bread, or however you want to dine & there you go. i added more hot sauce & lettuce as toppings, but really, the sky's the limit here. i bet this sandwich would also be really good with toasted bread & would probably even work on those organic pita chips.

the original recipe suggests toasted sesame seeds, but i skipped the sesame & instead added some avocado that i needed to use. in my opinion, avo makes evvvverything better. i made half of mine with braggs, half with hot sauce, because i'm a moody eater & this provide lots of leftovers that will make me a happy girl at work for the rest of the week.

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Potato and Broccoli Soup

original recipe found HERE which I adapted.

This one of my favourite soup recipes. I find it a great pick-me-up when I'm not feeling well. Plus, it's a good way to eat broccoli since I hate it raw. I usually double the recipe since it doesn't last long around here.

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4 cups peeled and diced potatoes (about 4 medium)
2 vegetable bouillon cubes and 2 cups water
1 large head broccoli, stalks removed, chopped finely
2 cups plain soy milk
1 cup grated soy cheese(optional)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon margarine

In medium saucepan, cook potatoes until tender. In a large pot, dissolve 2 bouillon cubes in water. add broccoli. Cook, covered, about 10 minutes, until broccoli is very tender. Drain the potatoes. Place about 1 cup potatoes in a bowl and mash. Add the mashed potatoes and remaining chopped cooked potatoes to the broccoli mixture, along with the soy milk. Heat until hot but not boiling. Add margarine. If desired, add soy cheese and stir until melted. salt and pepper to taste.

Burrito Love

Thanks for all of the creative and wonderful responses I got for my last entry.  I ended up going with peanut butter cups for my fiance and they turned out really nice.  They need a little more work but for a first batch, I could not have asked for more.  Those pictures are included in this post but you cannot have dessert without eating your veggies first!  Collapse )

Tofu-spinach manicotti

I just realized I took pics of the manicotti ingredients and the completed filling, but not the finished dish. I'll try to remember tomorrow at dinner to shoot a picture before we eat. I'll also, of course, let you know how it tasted. (I didn't bake it yet -- someotherguy will put it in the oven so it's done when I get home from work.)

It's the tofu-spinach manicotti from Joanne Stepaniak's The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, and I lefto out the marjoram, and used portobello mushrooms because believe it or not, they were the cheapest mushrooms at the Berkeley Bowl today, at $1.49 a pound.

the ingredients

the filling

The recipe calls for 12 shells, and my box had 14. Only 12 would fit in my pan, so I didn't try to stuff all 14 shells. I ended up with extra filling. I took the extra noodles, opened them up, and made a little "lasagne" for myself for work tomorrow out of the remaining noodles and filling, with a little sauce on top.