February 17th, 2006

Tofu, Nut, and Bean burgers.

Hey everyone, I was reading the NY Times today....and I suddenly found
myself reading an article about veggie burgers and what not, so I
thought I'd share the recipes with you being how the burgers actually looked
really good in the pictures. Two of the recipes here include eggs, but
I'd still like to try them, so if someone can suggest something I can
use to substitute the eggs, I would appreciate it.

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white wine spinach tofu

let me start off by saying, i'm not that great of a cook. because of this i rarely try anything new in the kitchen.. but tonight, i was starving.

i threw this together and it tasted really really good:

because it was experimental i didn't measure out anything, but it's mainly a taste test type recipe anyways.
1 package of firm tofu frozen then thawed/drained
several large handfuls of fresh spinach (equivelant of maybe a package of frozen?)
about 6 mushrooms sliced
garlic powder
several pours of white wine
flour (i used white, it's all i had)

1. fry tofu until its golden brown then turn down the heat and add the mushrooms and the spinach
3. add as much garlic powder as you see fit, i used about large 2-3 pinches
2. when spinach and mushrooms look done, throw some white wine into the pan and let soak for a few minutes.
3. next, add the flour in slowly, until you get a consistency that you like. it should look almost like gravy
4. taste.

hopefully you guys will like it as much as i do. i think i actually was trying to mimick my old favorite dish from the olive garden (chicken vino bianco).

Super Lazy Tasty Rice

Whenever I order Asian takeout food, I am always left with boxes of plain white rice. I try to use it up in a creative or tasty way, which usually ends in veggie fried rice. However, I have been recently obsessed with ginger and curry powder in EVERYTHING I eat, so I now have an awesome lazy tasty rice recipe!

I use about half a small takeout box of cooked white rice, add a teaspoon of water and microwave for one minute. I put about a teaspoon of ginger paste, a Tablespoon of curry powder, a teaspoon of sriracha chili sauce (the chunky one), half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and half a tiny box of raisins. Stir. Microwave again for 45 seconds. Stir. Eat.

The measurements are just guesses, but the spice content is really up to the individual person. It's also great with veggies. Yummy!

Shannon rocker

Veggie meats

I often buy "Yves Veggie ground round" for fake ground meat for my spagettis, taco filling, shepard's pie, lazy cabbage rolls, etc.
However - I cook for 2, and only like to use a third of the package. I found if the opened package sits in the fridge for awhile, the veggie meat goes bad. I would cook leftovers, but my boyfriend and I hate eating leftovers ^___^;; lol.. I lose track of time how long my veggie meats have been in the fridge (I'm a busy student)

If I freeze the ground round, will it be okay?? (are there any other veggie ground types that are freezer friendly?)

also - how long do veggie meats generally last in the fridge?
(I'm hoping my yves veggie deli meat isn't all gone moldy... ick)
  • marila

spinach artichoke dip

i have an omni friend who really wants and is completely craving spinach artichoke dip. the hot kind.
i miss it too i have to admit.
does anyone have a good recipe for this?

I did look through the index of vegancooking but couldn't find what i'm looking for.

thanks so much in advance...