February 18th, 2006


tempeh strips with tahini dipping sauce

This is a modified version of a recipe that came with my tempeh. It went over incredibly well with 4 non-vegan friends and one non-vegan, very picky boyfriend. It was also my first time cooking tempeh and only my second or third time eating it, and it's omnomnomlicious. The sauce is sort of like a lightly spicy, tangy hummus.

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Now a question: is it possible to make your own tempeh by using a piece of a storebought batch as a starter, as with soyogurt?
hi valentine

raw desserts?

are there many raw dessert recipes that don't require a dehydrator? recipes would be much appreciated.

I'm very interested in making a few- bars, cookies, anything. the majority of the recipes I've found online have involved the use of a dehydrator, though, which is something I don't have/can't afford (since I won't be using it often- unless I decide to go raw for a very extended period of time, which isn't entirely unlikely, but I'm not there yet).