February 20th, 2006

Soymilk machines?

Okay, I checked the memories/tags, and I only found one lonely entry on this that didn't share much info.

*I want*

I've been contemplating switching over to either powdered soy milk, or buying a soy milk machine to reduce my costs. Now... I know that I can make my own soymilk/ricemilk/oatmilk/nutmilk/tofu without the fancy gadgetry... but it does look like it would save time and effort. (In fact, I have my organic soybeans in the cabinet now, waiting to be transformed any day now.) But, yeah. My kids go through an extraordinary amount of milks... (rice, soy, almond, you name it). I have to really limit them or they could down a gallon easily in two days.

I'm wondering if this would be worth the investment. I'm estimating currently that it would pay for itself in about 3 months.... well, no, I haven't figured in the cost of the beans/materials. So a little longer.

Anybody have a soymilk maker? Do you use it frequently? Advantages/disadvantages? How easy is it to sweeten/flavor the milks? (The question sounds dumb, but having made rice milk before in a pot that's totally bombed due to sweetener issues, I'm serious.) What about fortification?

Any and all help/advice/input appreciated.

food coloring?

I just skimmed the memories and I'm sure there has probably been a question about this in the recent past, but what's the deal with food coloring. Is the regular non-specialty food store generic brand alright? Thanks a bunch.