February 26th, 2006

new to vegan cooking..

hi all. i read through the rules and i think this post might apply. i've been a vegetarian for about five to six years now, and my i converted my boyfriend and he's been a vegetarian for about a year and a half. i'm mostly vegan now, and for years i have not bought animal tested products or products that contain animal ingredients. we're trying to get more strict with our diet, day by day, and he is 100% dedicated to it as well. we live in a city where there is a pretty small vegan/health food store on our corner but theyre local and they run out of things quickly and for a long time. recently we got the privelage to go to a whole foods out in ann arbor, MI. we were rushed and grabbed as many vegan neccesities as we could, but we have NO idea how or when to use them! we are both completely new to the amazing art of vegan cooking, and i would love to know if we bought any ingredients that can be used together. i have many vegan/vegetarian cookbooks, but i've found that the most helpful vegan resources are messageboards and communities like this one. if anyone could throw me any hints that would be very appreciated. we're both trying very hard to find an easy way to transition.

here are the vegan/organic ingredients we purchased today.

extra firm organic tofu (365 brand)
lightlife soy organic tempeh
organic garlic cloves
organic baby romaine
organic green and red bell peppers
organic baby tomatoes
organic brown rice
organic onions
organic wheat tortillas and organic whole wheat wraps
olive oil
green lentil rice & beans
crushed organic tomato & rosemary
organic kidney beans
organic tomato sauce
organic veggie broth
organic seeds of change lentil and rice pilaf
near east medaterranian couscous

we also have onion powder, lemon & herb spices, black pepper and garlic powder in our house. does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what we can make? and if there are things i should rush out and get, please let me know! thank you all so much.

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i heart pizza, too

inspired by this and this:

i made a pretty salty dough and refrigerated it overnight. the pizza was baked at 600 or so. i used cento crushed tomatoes (i tried a cheap brand of whole tomatoes tonight which i processed and drained myself, but we prefer the pre-crushed).  i also added fresh herbs and roasted garlic. great idea. the soy cheese (fermented soy bean from asian market) was not so good. olives weren't so good either. tonight i made sausage out of gluten and soy powder which were browned and added. much better.
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Chocolate & Cranberry Muffins

Adapted this from a non-vegan recipe book - took a bit of thinking and experimenting, but I think I've got it sorted.

Chocolate & Cranberry Muffins

Makes 12

2 cups of self raising flour
1/2 cup of sugar (any sort)
1/2 cup of dried cranberries
1/2 cup of vegan chocolate chips
1/2 cup of vegan sour cream
egg replacer for 2 eggs
90g melted soya spread/margarine
1/4 cup soy milk (or any other milk, I imagine)

1) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and grease your muffin tray (or use a nifty non-stick one like i did *smug*)
2) Sift the four into a large mixing bowl (along with the egg replacement powder, if that's what you're using)
3) Add the sugar, chocolate and cranberries - mix all these dry ingredients together and make a well in the middle
4) Add all the wet ingredients together (don't forget the water for the egg replacement, if that's what you're using) and stir them into the wet ones - not too thoroughly, it should still be a bit lumpy
5) Spoon the mixture into the muffin tin, and bake for about 25 minutes (use your common sense - take them out when they aren't gooey but aren't yet black :P) A good guide is to stick a skewer into the middle and if it comes up clean, they're cooked
6) Leave them to cool before you take them out. Then you can put them on a pretty plate and offer them round to all your omniverous friends. Let them eat at least 75% of one before you tell them there's no dairy in them. Enjoy the eyebrow raisey-uppy-ness. ^_^

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