March 1st, 2006

On ur island

Irish cream liqueur and storebought puff pastry

I swear I've seen it here before, but the memories aren't helping at the moment--anyone have a tried-and-true recipe for Irish cream liqueur? This looks the most promising, as it doesn't call for eggs or milk chocolate, and I'm not keen on using coconut milk/cream as some vegan recipes call for. However, it's a bit ambigious: "cream" (maybe just Silk creamer?) and "Eagle Brand Milk" (evaporated or condensed? I know there are recipes for both in the memories) are called for. Will the whiskey help keep the soy products from going bad too quickly as long as the finished product is kept refrigerated?

And when it comes to puff pastry, can the storebought stuff be rolled out thinner and still puff up nicely? (For those of you in search of it, the Pepperidge Farms version is dairy-free.)