March 3rd, 2006

Vegan Cookies from a Mix

I just wanna say hi to everyone here. This is a fantastic place to get inspiration and the warm fuzzies. I've been kind of obsessed with baking and I used to be terrible at it. It snowed yesterday and was the perfect day for making the house smell nice. So, I made these Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies Fancied Up


Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies Fancied Up
1/4 tub Earth Balance, softened (1 stick equivalent)
1 T soy flour mixed well with 3 T water
1 pkg (20 oz.) Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 cup flaked coconut
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1/4 cup chopped walnuts

Stir margarine until fluffy. Add in soy/water mixture and blend well. Add remaining ingredients and mix till nice dough is formed. Roll into balls and bake as package directs (375 for like 14 mins.)
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i thought you might have some tips....
my juicer doesn't make enough juice,it turns most of the fruit to pulp. i feel like i'm wasting fruit by using the juicer : / maybe i'm doing something wrong?
i thought someone here might know how to get more juice out of a juicer? if that's possible. thanks
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Dulse versus kelp granules in faux fish recipes

I purchased dulse and kelp granules for making a faux fish recipe, and I realized once I came home that the recipe only calls for kelp granules. However, I have seen comments suggesting that dulse also has a "fishy" taste. For those of you who have used dulse in recipes, would adding it to a faux fish recipe be overkill? What other types of recipes can I use dulse?