March 9th, 2006

smoothie supplements?

So, I tried researching this but it proved to be quite unsuccessful. I've been on a smoothie kick lately, and I usually drink a huge one for breakfast every day. It's usually made of Sharon's coconut sorbet, fresh banana, frozen strawberries/mangoes/pineapple and a mixture of orange juice and apple juice. What else can I put in my smoothies and what exactly does it do for you/what are its health benefits? I know a lot of you use flax seed oil...but what about soy protein powders or spirulina and the such?
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Flax "Pudding"

This is a variation on a recipe I got from Lorna Vanderhague - author of many books on diet and nutrition.

5-6 tbsp flaxseeds, ground in coffee grinder
1 1/2 cups of soymilk
1 lrg apple, grated
1 cup of brown rice (left over from supper. cold is fine)
juice of one orange
1 banana, mashed
5-6 tbsp ground nuts (I used sliced almonds)

put apple, rice, banana, juice and almonds into a bowl, mix well and add cinnamon
bring soymilk to a light boil, add ground flaxseeds, stir well to combine
continue to boil ffor 30 sec. and then remove from heat.
let 'set' for 1 minute and then add flaxseed/soymil mixture to fruit/rice mixture
stir well to combine and add more juice if necessary (for taste)
adjust seasoning (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.)
put into bowls and smother with more fresh fruit, sliced or diced or however you like..

This can be eaten for dessert, but I prefer it as a breakfast. It's filling, and super healthy! it has the consistency of moist oatmeal, so experiement to get the texture you like. Maybe quinoa instead of rice, or if you like it more "pudding-y", no grains at all.


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I am having some friends over for a sushi dinner on saturday night and am looking for a desser to serve. I want something that is mostly fruit (not too sweet) and is very easy to make. Any ideas? Keep in mind its going to be eaten after cucumber and avocado sushi and green tea. thanks!
Emily Porch

Cake refrigeration

When I was growing up, we never refrigerated baked cakes. But now that I'm an adult, I always have them in the fridge, because, well...I don't know!

I live in Omaha and am driving to Minneapolis for a friend's birthday. I'm on cake duty since he's vegan, and I can do vegan baking (since, well, I'm vegan :). I was planning on making the cake and everything here (unfrosted and unassembled), and then frosting it all and putting the layers together there. But...

Do I need to keep the *cake* (not the frosting or the filling, that will be kept in the cooler for sure) cold on my way there? I'm driving, and it's a six hour trip.