March 15th, 2006

Hemp Seed Milk

So, I was thinkin', what with trying not to eat excessive amounts of soy and the ability to make nuts milks-wouldn't hemp make a good, very nutritious milk substitute, and without the need for much fortification?

Well, I guess that's already been done, according to my Googling.


Has anyone tried it?

Of the recipes I've seen, some involve shelled hemp, water and a blender, and some require heating and straining.

Will heating destroy/strain away all the good stuff in it?
Considering that hemp seeds tend to be expensive, does anyone know if the amount of milk you get works out to be cheaper than buying, say, almond milk? (I'm in Toronto and almond milk is about $3 bucks a pop.)

So, the cinnamon rolls got me thinking

This is not necessarily a strictly vegan post, in that I suppose it's more of a baking question.

I'm allergic to cinnamon. Has anyone ever tried making allspice rolls? Nutmeg rolls? Ginger rolls?

I was considering experimenting this weekend - I just figured I'd see if there's anyone who can jump in to say "NO! Don't do it! I've tried it and it's unspeakably awful!"

Otherwise, I may try to doctor that lovely vegan cinnamon roll recipe...