March 24th, 2006

oh no!


A couple of friends invited me over for dinner the other week and made a huge effort in making a three course vegan meal and having vegan alcohol too. I was really touched, so when I had them round for dinner last night, I wanted to make something nice that was also accessible (not too may specifically vegan ingredients).

I wanted to make something they'd really like, seeing as they'd made such an effort, but also because they were genuinely bewildered about what I could actually eat and I wanted to show them how tasty (and decedent) vegan food could be!

I decided to make veggie lasagne, but was a bit unsure as to how well it'd go down, as I ended up using ingredients like tofutti and nutritional yeast and I wasn't sure if people would like them... but it all came together really well and everyone came back for seconds, woop woop!

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Oh yeah and we had chocolate flapjacks and tiffin (as in the biscuity cake thing, not the Carry On Up the Khyber meaning) and it all went down really well. Rar for friends :)

worshesour sauce substitute

I'm in the middle of making homemade chex mix and of course all the worster sour sauce in the house has fish. I went to 3 different stores they have have fish!!!!!!
I'm literally in the middle of making it, the "butter" is melted in the oven. I'm so pissed!!

Does anyone know of a replacment? Soy sauce??
*ther eis only one grocery store, and two dollar stores here. so tamari isn't sold around here.

Think it would be a big deal to just cut it out? It's 2 tablespoons.

Oh my! Plantains!

So I have some plantains and am at a complete loss as to what to do with them. I'm thinking of trying a few different recipes, just for kicks. There are some recipes in the memories, but I thought I'd share some of the other interesting ones I've come across in my search for the perfect plantain recipe (it's been a fun belly-grumbling search!)

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kate and I.

cooking tofu, in a totally non-fancy way.

Alright. This is my dilemma:

I am moving into a new place within the next few days, so I don't want to buy a ton of new groceries to transport with me. I have some extra firm tofu that I am SICK of deep-frying for sandwiches. I want to know some easy things to do with this tofu without insane fancy ingredients. (No curry dishes, gourmet stuff, etc.)
I have basic spices like garlic powder + salt, italian seasonings, paprika, salt pepper etc. I have a few condiments such as steak sauce, ketchup + mustard, liquid smoke, soy sauce, italian dressing. Give me some ideas people! I know you can come up with something... and that damn FAQ list has way too many entries to search through on an empty stomach!
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