March 29th, 2006

home made fake meat

Does anyone know of a recipe for making a meat replacement product, like a fake ground beef, that doesn't include tofu or tvp? I guess what I am mostly looking for is the texture so that I can use it in tacos and speghetti sauce. I can't buy the packaged ones because I have celiac disease and they all have gluten in them and I also have digestive problems with soy and other beans. People have made suggestions to me in the past such as using nuts and veggies together but noone has been able to give me a recipe, can anyone here?

I looked in the memories already and I only found info about tvp based recipes so if I missed it please just pass on the url. And if not let's share those recipes! :o)

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shortening replacement

I just have one more question that I could not find in the memories. I would like to know what can be used instead of shortening. I know there is vegetable shortening but is there a healthier alternative. I have found some desert ball and bar recipes that use shortening. I think it is there maybe to stick things together but I'm not sure, here is a link to one of the recipes: Could I just use something sticky like a banana?
  • doja

vegan food for a theme party

hi everyone!

i am hosting a Pirates VS Ninjas theme party at my house in st. louis at the end of this month and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for creating pirate food that will impress a bunch of meat eaters.

the party is kinda specific, the house will be like the pirate HQ, so we're wanting to do a pirate's feast. I already have a cake in mind I am looking for easy sides and main course stuff.

thanks so much.
Shannon rocker

Almond Butter

I recently bought some almond butter for the first time... oh man... soooo yummy.
However - so far, my boyfriend and I just put it on toast... and eat it straight from the jar ^___^;;

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with this almond butter stuff? (besides toast and eating out of the jar)