April 6th, 2006

On the ferry

Homemade Tartex?

Ok, so I just got back from two weeks in Germany, where I ate Tartex on Brötchen literally every day for breakfast. Mmmmm. Of course I brought some back with me, but the pathetic supply I was able to tote back is obviously going to be woefully inadequate to hold me over until my next trip over there. Or, frankly, until next month.

Given how hideously expensive it is here, and the fact that I simply cannot get my favorite flavors (no exquisit? no ungarische Art?), I want to try making it. Has anybody done that? Doesn't seem like it would be that hard, looking at the ingredients. I've never used potato starch, though. Can anyone instruct me there?

Soybean Soup?

I've volunteered to make a gallon of soup to freeze and donate for our local men's homeless shelter soup drive this weekend. Fact of the matter is, payday's not for another week and we're a little tight ourselves due to some truly staggering back-to-back winter gas bills --so, I'm hoping to be able use what I have on hand. Poking around my pantry I see I do have a large sack of soybeans (originally purchased for soymilk production). Think I can make a decent soup out of that??

nori strips

has anyone had these before? They are a japanese sea vegetable, I have some in toasted strip form. I love eating them as a snack, but I do need a recipe or some such thing to put them in/with/around. There has been one before, but if anyone has any others - they'd be welcomed mucho big time.
Siin City

Oriental Sesame Salad

i threw this together for dinner this evening and was quite pleased with how it tasted!

Oriental Sesame Salad

serves 1

1 1/2 cup chopped lettuce (or any greens of your choice)
1/2 cup chopped zuccini
1 orange, naval sections cut in half
handful of cashews
handful sesame sticks
2-3 shakes of sesame seeds (the ones i have are in a shaker, probably equal to a tablespoon or so)
drizzle of Teriyaki sauce - - don't put too much on it collects on the bottom of the bowl leaving you with a puddle of sodium!

Mix ingredients & enjoy!

Vegan whoppers/malt beverage?

So, easter is coming up, and though my family doesn't really celebrate it religiously, it's always been a tradition to have candy at my house! I can get over most of it- I'd already given up peeps for years of vegetarianism (and really, they were pretty disgusting), but one thing I'm missing right now as a vegan are whoppers. Those malted milk balls, I'm sure terrible for you. We would get them as "robin's eggs" for easter, and they were definitely delicious. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on recreating them sort of? I think I'd definitely settle for just the taste of a malt beverage, too. If nothing works, that's ok, I'll just make more of these truffles, but it'd be really neat if vegan whoppers did work! :)