April 7th, 2006

Pizzas! (Portobello/Tomato/Pesto)

I'm starting to compile a bunch of pizza recipes on my veg recipes website. So far I've only got one - but I have a lot of ideas. I'll be putting them up on my site as fast as I can eat them.

This is the one I ate tonight:

Musthroom Tomato Pesto Pizza - Delicious, Easy, Healthy, and Vegan
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If I wasn't vegan, I'd dot this pizza with a few tbsp of mascarpone cheese. Then I'd probably have an orgasm as I ate it. Sorry guys - I'm in WI. Cheesy habits die hard.

My friend Jonny and I had this one w/ wine. The wine was my favorite pinot noir and the bottle said it was good with game and trout. I said I want to make my own vegan wine and label the back: good with tempeh and carrots.

sausage, squash & bean soup

sausage, squash & bean soup

1 package of tofurky sweet italian sausage
1 large onion, chopped
3 medium carrots, cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices
2 large stalks celery, cut into 1/4-inch pieces
3 large garlic gloves, crushed with press
2 cans (15-19oz) cannellini beans, rinsed & drained
1 can (14oz) vegetable broth
4 cups water
ground black pepper
1 medium butternut squash (1 1/2 lbs), peeled, seeded, and cut into 1-inch chunks

1. in a large pot, cook sausage over medium-high heat for 5 minutes or until browned, stirring to break up sausage with side of spoon. stir in onion; cook 10 minutes or until onion is browned, stirring frequently.
2. stir in carrots, celery, and garlic; cook 1 minute. stir in beans, broth, water, and 1/8 tea. pepper; heat to boiling over high heat. reduce heat to low; cover and simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. stir in squash; heat to boiling over high heat. reduce heat to low; cover and simmer 25 to 30 minutes longer or until squash is very soft.

good stuff! :D

i got it out of the feb. 2006 issue of good housekeeping that i found at my job :D
2007 elmwood concert series

help me succeed @ veganizing my most favorite easter bread!!!

how would you guys suggest i veganize the ever-so-incredible polish sweet bread called placek? it's traditionally eaten @ easter breakfast in polish homes, and i would love to know how i could make it vegan.

here's a recipe i found online for placek:
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another recipe i found online uses 6 eggs, which i think sounds more like what my mom used to do. Collapse )

ok, one last recipe:
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when my mom and i used to make it together (i unfortunately do not have her recipe), i thought we also put in some vanilla and definitely raisins. the yellow ones tended to work best. placek is a heavy bread when made by hand. you can get it @ supermarkets in polish-american areas, but it's always so weird and light-feeling (and also no vegan). i dream of eating that heavy bread that used to sit like a rock in my stomach. it was a sweet, scrumptious rock, so i didn't really care!

i guess my biggest questions are:

1.) how would you substitute the three (or six) eggs? i do have egg replacer in a box, but i tend to think that it doesn't work very well. it doesn't mix well and i don't always have very good result with the powdered egg replacer. i wondered about using bananas, but i don't know exactly what role the eggs
have in this bread, apart from keeping everyone together.

2.) for the polish people in the community who've had placek, what recipe sounds closest? which one would you choose? for the most part, the biggest difference among these relates to the milk/buttermilk, as well as the amount of eggs.

3.) can i make my own vegan buttermilk? or maybe i should choose one of the recipes that don't involve it?

4.) do you guys think this might be a lost cause? maybe some things are better left un-veganized and not eaten @ all??

my hope is to make the placek on good friday (one week from today, along with making these cinnamon rolls i found online as a recipe). usually we have our polish breakfast before church, which consists of polish sausage (smoked and plain), hot-cross buns, placek, ham and fruit. this year, basically i'm gonna have fruit and orange juice and that's really it. and i don't think that my parents will be making any baked goods either, so it would be super cool if i could make something from my heritage to have at breakfast with them. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!!

Easiest Most Delicious Shephards Pie on the Planet

For 2 years I have wanted a good veg shephards pie, and those Amys one are nasty. Yesterday I had an awakening and realized how freakin' easy it would be, and it was amazing! Infact, my father came by our house while I was cooking and as afraid as he is of "vegan food" he said it was awesome, and my father would not have gone back for seconds if he did not like it.

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(?!) every tool is a weapon

Potato Spinach Soup

Potato Spinach Soup
6-8 potatoes, scrubbed and cubed
4-6 cloves of garlic (could be WAY more, if you like garlic)
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbl balsamic vinegar
1 can veggie broth (could use 2 for thinner soup)
1 package of frozen spinach
3-4 tbl dill (more or less to taste)
Oregano to taste
Basil to taste
3 bay leaves

A food processor or blender

Scrub and cube your potatoes, then boil them in a soup pot until tender and mushy – about 20 minutes, depending on size of your cubes. Drain the potatoes and open your can of veggie broth. Put some of the cooked potatoes, some garlic, and some of the veggie broth in the food processor or blender and blend together. Empty the blended mix into the soup pot and repeat until all of the potatoes are processed. Your soup may be the consistency of mashed potatoes at this point (mine was) – you can supplement the soup with more veggie broth or just simply use water. Slowly heat the soup until at the desired consistency – add the frozen spinach and stir in. After the spinach is stirred in, add your spices (keep tasting until it’s right). Allow the soup to simmer for a little while – the dill and bay leaves need about 10 minutes to really start being tasty.

If this soup seems bland, experiment with your spices – I found that adding a little more balsamic vinegar really brought out the flavors and adding a splash of lemon juice before serving made it taste refreshing.

This was fantastic with bread and would probably be very good with a dollop of vegan sour cream on top.

Baked Oatmeal and Crockpot Lasagna

I was looking for something new to make for breakfast, and I remembered a recipe I haven't used in a long time... Baked Oatmeal! I don't remember where I got it origionally.It's very filling, and almost like very moist cake in texture.

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I decided to try making lasagna in the crockpot, and it worked ok but the edges on one side were burned. It tasted really good, though, so I'll try it again sometime but when I can start it later in the day. I served it with salad and some bread sticks (Made from a basic biscuit recipe with basil, rosemary and garlic added. I also put a little bit of quick oats in the dough to make the consitency a bit stiffer.)
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Chickpeas with Spinach and Spices

This was really good, though I wish I'd had some fresh tomatoes since the canned ones I used weren't that great. I don't think I had ever cooked with fresh mint before tonight... for shame!

I served it over brown rice. My father said that white beans might be good to use in place of the chickpeas, since I'm not a very big chickpea fan. At least I know I've had enough iron for the day, though. :)

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