April 8th, 2006


Challenge of the Unsteak

I absolutely love Now & Zen's Unsteak, That stuffs great! Now here comes the challenge part - I want to make my own.

Basically its seitan, but its a lighter, very flavorful seitan. You can actually cut it with a fork. It says its marinated in a wine, garlic & mushroom sauce, but the flavor seems to go through and through. Also the color is dark brown.

So, I was thinking: I could mix a little bit of baking powder into the gluten to lighten it and make it more tender. Perhaps if I ran some cooking wine, canned mushroom, garlic, and a little bit of kitchen bouqet throgh the foodprocessor, and used the resulting liquid as the liquid to mix with the gluten it would have a similar flavoring effect? Then simmer in a broth of um maybe some "beef boullion" and a lil more cooking wine and eh more kitchen bouquet to make sure I have a nice brown end result?

The Unsteaks ingredients are: vital wheat gluten, mushrooms, soy sauce, fresh garlic, red wine, and mirin.

Have any of you tried this? Tips? Suggestions?

Newbie here/ question about puff pastry

Hey everyone! I'm looking to veganize an amazing dessert I always used to get at a local restaurant. It was made up of puff pastry with ice cream and hot fudge sauce. I've got the hot fudge sauce all set (I used the recipe from The Vegan Chef website) and I'll use vanilla Tofutti... now all I need is the pastry. Does anyone have some good ideas?
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Portobella Mushrooms with Curry Black Bean and Barley stew, and onions

I was looking for a quick dinner, so I dry sauteed 2 small portobella caps (stems cut off and gills scraped out) that I drizzled with balsamic vinegar, garlic, and basil.
I threw in half a small onion, chopped.
I reheated the last cup of a black bean and barley curry stew I had made, which was just
-pressure cooked black beans and barley (a cup each and 7 cups of water in the pressure cooker made a ton of it, at the perfect thick stew consistency.)
-a large can of tomatoes
-a chopped onion
-sambar curry powder
-a bit of turmeric
-and garlic.

I put the portobellas on a plate, spooned the cup of stew on top, and topped with the sauteed onions. I ate it with a side of green beans, and it was fabulous.

According to sparkpeople.com, there was no fat in the meal, either. Sweet.
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Grünkern Fritters with Herbed Mushroom Topping

Grünkern is a German grain that I've fallen in love with; unfortunately, it's rather hard to get outside Germany, it seems. It's spelt that's been harvested just before ripeness, then smoked for a rich, earthy flavor. It's fantastic. If you can't get Grünkern, though, I think you could get a similar effect by cooking whole spelt or rye in weak Lapsang Souchong tea rather than water.

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