April 9th, 2006


Weird Substitution Question

I want to make my brother a brownie type thing for his birthday tomorrow but I don't have any soymilk. I don't want to buy it because you can only get it in huge cartons at my grocery store and since I'm going home in a couple of days, that would mean a lot of soy milk would be going bad. But what I *do* have is soy icecream. So my question is, could this be used as a milk substitute in a brownie recipe?

Tea and jam

Two questions, one entry!

Tea: We have a lot of hibiscus and jasmine growing in New Orleans right now and I wanted to know: If I pick the flowers and dry them (any suggestions on method?) would I be able to drink a tea made out of these flowers? Is there something I should watch out for, such as types of flowers, etc.?

Jam: Anyone have a good idiot's-guide-to-canning for making jam and preserving it? It is Louisiana strawberry season and strawberries are 10 dollars to the flat right now and oranges/grapefruits are desperately cheap right now, too. Any websites that will teach me how to make some good, no-mess-up jam?


Potato/Banana Pancakes?

I've been wanting to make pancakes for at least a month now and I've been craving maple syrup like WHOA!!! I decided this weekend would finally be my pancake weekend. I was going to make some for myself last Sunday and put mango jam on top but I would have been sad without the maple syrup. Finally got me some today. My friend Topher was supposed to come over for pancakes for dinner - b/c he couldn't do breakfast and I really friggin wanted pancakes and the thought of making pancakes for one is just sad, and he said I should make some pototo ones as well (we both have pototoes that came with our organic fruit/veg boxes this past week). So I found a potato pancake recipe that I liked. I was soo psyched for my double pancake dinner. Then Topher forgot to show up. :( I was muchos sad. But he realized his error and apolagized and is going to be making the pancakes at his place on Tuesday or Wednesday -- YAY!!! Then he said bananas would be good in the potato pancakes. So does anyone have any potato pancake recipes that use banana as the egg replacer? I encountered a few today that said egg replacer but didn't say what kind. I avoided those since i only have flax seeds and not the powder (which has worked okay in my brownies actually) and highly doubt I could find an actual egg-replacer product at Woolworth's. Um - yea -- so please if you have an potato and banana pancake recipes hit me up!!! :) Thank you much!! -- oooh omg - i should get some choco chips for Tuesday - too bad Topher can't eat chocolate though - heh all for me - lol! I have frozen strawberries too. Oh man too many possibilities for the pancakes --- LOL!!!