April 18th, 2006

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Green Apple and Butternut Squash Casserole

A friend of mine down the hall is a fabulous cook who's trying to be extra-creative this Passover. She found this easily veganized and Passoverized recipe on the Whole Foods website recently and made it for dinner last night. It sounds a little odd, but it was delicious! It's definitely more Thanksgiving-y/fall-y, but served as a welcome change from the rather monotonous [read: crappy] Passover "meals" provided by the dining halls. I included the link because there's a picture, but I also know our lovely mods prefer to have the recipes recorded right in the entry as well, for posterity :o) So...

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Banana nut muffins- diabetic friendly

My quest for a suitable-for-diabetics banana bread turned out pretty well. I adapted this recipe that was suggested by scraatch and baked the recipe as muffins instead of bread. They were ok on the first day, pretty good on the second day, and REALLY tasty on the third day. Like wine, they get better with age! Amazingly, they rose more than any other vegan muffin recipe that I've made. Especially with banana bread recipes, they never seem to rise as much as the non-vegan counterparts...but this one certainly did. Maybe it was because of the full teaspoon each of baking powder and soda?

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need to impress some people...

my best friend (a vegetarian), and her meat-eating cousin are coming over for dinner this thursday.

i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what i could make them that would be impressive to everyone involved.

i've checked the memories, and i'm just not quite sure what to make for an entree'.

i think i may have settled with potstickers for an appetizer and chocolate covered fruit for dessert.
just to give you guys an idea of palate.

thank you.

emergency - broken soy whip nozzle?

something has happened to my aerosol can of vegan whipped cream! its not coming out! its not that the nozzle is stopped up, that is ok. i am not hearing the air hissing sound really and i'll press down on the cap but i just get a whole lot of nothing.

i never had aerosol whipped cream before i was vegan so i dont know how these things work. it was working last night!