April 19th, 2006

What to do with 99% Cacao Chocolate

So a friend got some 99% cacao-content chocolate in SF a couple weeks ago. And it was pretty cheap, all things considered. It's entirely too bitter to be eaten as is, but we can't let it go to waste. What should I do with it? I'm thinking fudge. I have a lot of funky vegan sweeteners on hand (maple syrup, agave, dates, sucanat, etc). There's about 1/2 cup of it.

Thanks in advance =D

Ground Flax seeds in baking/cooking?

I've looked through the memories and found a lot of useful info on flaxseed, but not exactly what I was looking for. Here's my situation:

I need to get a lot of flax. A lot. I pretty much right now can't get enough of it. I had some oil but it was so disgusting that it eventually went bad because I couldn't bring myself to drink it every day. So, recently I found a canister of pre-milled seeds and thought I'd give those a whirl. I've done some reading and I'm wondering if that was a bad idea.

Are pre-milled flaxseeds a bust? I've read things about omega-3's going away a certain time after milling. Am I getting anything out of these? (They are in a dark canister and I keep them in the fridge.)

If the pre-milled flaxseeds ARE supplying me with omega-3's, what are ways I can consume them other than oatmeal and drinking down with water (ugh)?

Will baking the milled seeds destroy the omega-3's? I know you aren't supposed to cook with the oil, but I'm not sure about baking with the seeds, as I've seen products at the store with flax in them (waffles, bread, muffins, etc.). If baking is okay, any ideas of recipes where I can include an insane amount of the milled seeds? granola bar/energy bar recipes?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you have to share!

flaxseed dilemma

so i bought a big bag of whole flaxseeds and i'm not sure what to do with them. do i need to prep them in any special ways before adding them to batters, bread dough, etc.? do i have to grind them, or can they just be used whole? i've checked memories but i didn't really find too much there. does anyone have any recipes?

thanks in advance guys:-)

Banana desert recipes

So I have a huge bunch of bananas that's just starting to get a little too ripe. I have an office birthday tomorrow and they're bringing strawberry shortcake. I'd like to make something desert-y with my bananas but that doesn't involve baking them (banana cake, muffins, bread, etc) since that only takes one or two usually. I know I could make some banana ice cream but I was hoping for something that wouldn't require a freezer.

Does anyone have any ideas?

banana cake filling and healing foods?

does anyone have any good banana filling recipes? a special friend's birthday is coming up, and it has been requested i make a particular cake, with a banana filling.

i did a google search..and found not very much. i want to do more than just put some sliced banana's into some frosting. i'd like it to be a cream filling-type-thing, just banana flavored.

any ideas? any make a sturdy creme like filling for cakes that i might be able to bananaize?

also, can anyone tell me what vitamins, minerals, or foods in general, would help cuts and bruises and bumps heal faster? i've heard vitamin c& e..but..beyond that. help? for some reason, i must be a very lame google searcher, as my wording has not found a lot of information.

thank you!!!