April 20th, 2006

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Can't get nutritional yeast...

I live in Australia and I've never, ever seen anything like nutritional yeast. Even if I found some I suspect it would be out of my price range. I'm getting a little discouraged, since most vegan recipes on the Internet that try to achieve a "meaty taste" call for yeast, and I don't want to try these recipes because I suspect leaving it out would change the texture too much. Can anyone suggest a worthy substitute? Miso, maybe?

chocolate cheesecake cupcakes...need advice!

I'm a relatively unexperienced cook, but I did make a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving that was absolutely divine. So I'm confidant that I can pull this one off, but I need some advice.

I want to make this cheesecake, but I'm not sure how to measure "60g (2 1/2 oz) caster sugar" without a scale. Are these fluid ounces? This site makes me think yes, which means that I can just use 1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar. Does this sound correct?

Also, I want to make them into cheesecake cupcakes, because I subscribe to the philosophy that cupcakes are always better than regular cakes. I'm thinking a baking time of about 20-25 minutes at 350°F (180°C). Does this sound reasonable? How will I know that the cake is done while it's still in the oven? (I can't look for browning because it's a chocolate cake so it's already brown).
edit: wait...the recipe doesn't require baking...This seems a little odd to me. Do you think it will still taste good? The picture looks really tasty.

Thanks in advance!!


So I ended up doubling the recipe, adding some fresh-squeezed lemon to give it the real-cheese tang, and man this batter tastes good. The texture looks about right too. Will post pictures once they set up.
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Leafy greens food rut

I'm a member of a CSA, and get a weekly delivery of *yummy* fresh veggies. There is usually some kind of root veggie (beets, turnips, rutabaga), some baby carrots, a lovely salad mix, and some kind of greens (spinach, kale, chard, arugula).

For lunch (since I work at home and can cook lunch if it doesn't take long) I often chop the greens and saute in olive oil and fresh minced garlic, season with salt and crushed red pepper, and enjoy. I usually eat this with either polenta or pasta and some toasted nuts.

Today I *really* need to use up my veggies (I've eaten out way too much this week, so I'm behind and I have a new shipment coming tomorrow). Right now I have
Swiss chard
beets (baby red, and white)

Any suggestions on something simple I can do with these? Cooked or uncooked is fine. I'm hoping for something for lunch, but even something somewhat more involved for dinner would be nice, too. I just ran across a recipe for mock tuna salad (using chickpeas) which is sounding really tempting right now, but won't really help me use up my veggies.

Thanks in advance,
oh no!

Jamaican black bean pot

I got this little vegan cookery book for Christmas from my Grandma, and it's ace and colourful and has lots of good photos. Anyway, this sounded interesting (I'd never eaten black beans before, apart from in Chinese sauces and stuff) and I fancied something new and sweet/spicy.

Also, my food of the month is butternut squash, so I felt like I *had* to make it after reading through the recipe properly. For once I managed to get peppers that weren't manky too, woop! (I've had some bad/bitter experiences pepper-wise of late.)

It was really good! I should have probably had rice with it to soak up the sauce, but ach well, you live and learn.
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