April 24th, 2006

Good snack!

A simple, delicious vegan snack is made by slicing mejool dates in half, removing the seeds, filling them with vegan "cream cheese" and topping them with tamari cashews. Makes a nice blend of sweet and savory. Good with virtually any Middle Eastern/Indian food, high in iron and tastes great.

Soy shelf life

I have a tall carton of Silk creamer that I have easily had for six weeks if not longer. I opened it pretty much immediately after buying it. It says on the side that it will stay fresh in the fridge for 7-10 days after opening it. The expiration date is in like two more weeks.

It is a rather large amount so I have taken a while to widdle it down but I am amazed that it has stayed good for so long! It has no smell or funky texture that discourages me at all from using it. It tastes just fine. I have had some tempeh do this as well. Maybe the expiration is on there for looks?

Does this ever happen to anyone else? Also does anyone know where I might find barley malt powder? Whole foods?

Need a dish to take to a pot luck at a camp site

We are going to a camp out this weekend. Meals are on your own Thursday with dutch oven and stone soup being made on Thursday evening if you wish to contribute to them. Stone soup will be vegetarian.

Friday breakfast and lunch are on your own. Friday night is a potluck. Saturday morning is a pancake breakfast or on your own. Saturday lunch is a Sandwich Bar and Dinner is Spaghetti. Breakfast on Sunday is Bagels.

There are going to be about 25 families there. Some with severe food allergies. Several other vegetarian/vegan families. I will need to avoid peanuts whatever I make.

It's a several hour drive from home to the camp site. I think 4 or 5 hours. There are kitchens there. Each kitchen has a 4 burner stove, microwave and refrigerator. So it's a matter of transport and pre-preparation.

I don't know what to bring. Added to this, I will have to bring my cereal and such as I have to eat on a certain schedule for my medications. most of the rest of what is there I should be able to eat.

Feeding my non-veg husband that eats three foods plain should also prove interesting but unless you can make him try some new stuff, you can't help me there.

I need something simple. Crowd pleasing is a plus as well as easy to store and easy to transport. I don't think I have an oven available.

HELP! Please?

Chickpea Miso

I actually FOUND barley malt powder at the Korean market! I was positive that I would find chickpea miso there too because they have tons of different kinds of it there! Unfortunately, no. Several recipes in the Uncheese Cookbook call for it. They say you can use light miso but I would like to try to find the chickpea stuff. Does anyone have any? Where did you find it?