April 26th, 2006


boxed cake mix using pop?

I want to make a cake from a boxed mix and a can of pop. I looked in the memories, and it seems that some people say you can just add the pop to the mix and that's all, but other people say you also need to add egg replacer. Any thoughts? I'm making cupcakes, if that makes any difference (although I don't know what difference that could make). :)
Thanks a bazillion!
Spirited Away

Garlic Sauce/White Sauce

I don't suppose anyone would know of a recipe for the clear garlic sauce that is cooked with sauteed vegetables in many Asian restaurants? I don't even know if it has a name or anything... I think all it is is water, some cornstarch, sea salt, lots of freshly sliced garlic, and maybe some oil, but I haven't seen a recipe for it. I could just try to make it, but I'd be afraid it wouldn't turn out right.
Maximillian Fwuffybutt

substitutions in candy making

When making candy on the stovetop, is it okay to use syrups, like maple or agave, in place of granulated sugar if the granulated sugar's just going to be melted anyway? I'd go in and give it a try myself, but maple and agave are a little too pricey to risk wasting. Also, if I don't want an overly buttery flavor in the final product, can I use unflavored shortening in place of margarine?

Preparing Chickpeas

Hello everyone,

I'm faily new to this community and vegan cooking and not really sure where else to post this, if it's not allowed here please forgive me and delete my post.

Recently I've gotten some dried chickpeas wanting to dry them in some recipies but I can't seem to figure out how you prepare them. I've read that they need to be soaked in water over night, is there anything else that I need to do with them? I'm planning on putting them in some curry.

Thanks for the help.