May 11th, 2006

carob strawberries, baby potatoes, seared ahi

i'm making my mom a huge, extravagent dinner on sunday and i've got a few questions.

first of all, i bought some carob chips yesterday and some gooooorgeous organic strawberries. at the time i didn't put the two together, but now i'm thinking i should do chocolate dipped strawberries. would the carob chips work the same way? and if so, does anyone have any tips?

second, i've got this recipe in my head for mock-seared ahi that i'm going to try (i really hope my instincts don't fail me). does anyone know of a good vegan recipe for the sauce that goes on seared ahi?

also, i've got baby red potatoes, i want to do something with these. nothing too high cal. i've got a lot of ideas but i just can't come to a conclusion, so maybe ya'll can help me.

and last but not least: i'm making a pasta with whole wheat spaghetti, red and yellow bell peppers, pine nuts, and "sausage". would kale and/or yellow squash go well with this? if not, what can i do with these? (not necessarily for the same meal).

thank you for all your help, ahead of time! and i'll probably be posting pictures and recipes on monday, or whenever i get time to.

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night porter

Recycled bruschetta?

The other day I was peeling carrots and snipping the tops off of radishes and the stems off of spinich for a salad. I had amassed quite a pile of 'undesirable' vegetable parts and thought to myself "What a waste, I wonder if I can do something with those?" So I took all my carrot skins and tops and radish tops and spinich stalks and a jar of organic strained tomates and threw them all in my food processor with some sea salt and herbs and made a delicious bruschetta that tastes great on top of polenta. Vegan and gluten free. Ta dah!
oh no!

'humus' stir fry

I made myself a dinner today that I enjoyed but it just needed a little something!

I'd got some chickpeas to use up, so decided to shove them in a stir-fry. I wasn't too keen on adding loads of soy sauce though, as I've been on a salt overload recently, so I decided to make a sort of humus-y stir-fry (to go with the chickpeas) so made a tahina sauce type thing.

I also used sweet potato which needed cooking (I chopped it up into really, really tiny cubes).

Anyway: First I stir fried the potato in 1dsp olive oil (to go with the humus theme), then I added a load of other veggies (brocolli, chestnut mushrooms, babycorn, carrot, pepper, celery...) and just stir fried them. (Stuff got a bit stuck at one point, so I added a little water.)

When they were pretty much done, I added the chickpeas and stirred some more. Meanwhile, I made the sauce out of 1dsp tahini, 1dsp lemon juice, 1dsp water, a tiny squidge of garlic puree and lots of black pepper. Mixed all of that together til it was smooth, then stirred it into the veggies.

It was pretty good, although I think it needed some sort of a kick, so if anyone has any suggestions they'd be much appreciated. It might have needed more sauce, but I think it needs something other than that...

Salad dressing

Even though I love vegan food, I seem to dislike salads - the plain, boring type of salads. As such, I never have salads. By reasons that were beyond my control (read: I was dumb), I ended up with a bag of salad greens. Plain, boring salad greens.

I decided to test my dislike of salads and ventured into unknown territory - namely, eating a salad with *only* salad greens as I had precious little in the fridge. (Nothing like realising that you are starving and only having something you don't like staring at you from an empty fridge!) But, an empty stomach is not to be ignored so I ventured forth!

The making of a salad dressing was in order. The results of which I viewed with trepidation (remember that empty fridge I mentioned above?) but I endeavored to, at least, taste my strange brew before making the handy I'm-starving-and-there's-nothing-else popcorn with salt. The results were, I am surprised to say, quite yummy!

Sesame seed oil, dribble of
Flax seed oil, tablespoon or two of
Sesame seeds, palmful of
Flax seeds, palmful of
Garlic powder, sprinkling of
Dill, sprinkling of
Pepper, grindings of
Salt, sprinkling of

And so you have it fellow planet-lovers! I have become a tried and true fan of the plain and boring salad! May all your food-adventures bring you new food-loves as this one has brought me!