May 14th, 2006

Recipes for Food/Rice Steamer?

Hi all! I got a double-decker food/rice steamer (w/a 5-6 cup cap. rice bowl) yesterday at a garage sale for $5. Doesn't even look like it's been used! I love garage-saling. =) No book with it listing cooking times/recipes though so I'm looking for some suggestions for recipes... Anyone have any favorites?

Also, could you tell me the ratio of liquid to brown rice (and white rice) for it? And how long to set the timer?

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tempeh sausage patties

I'm having a friend over for brunch in the morning.

I'm planning on serving:

Tofu Scramble w/brocolli
Sweet Potato home fries
ezekiel toast
tempeh sausage patties
mango mimosas

I cannot find a recipe anywhere for the tempeh sausage patties! I get them in a few veggie restaurants around here. I know that there are carraway seeds involved. Any help?

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vaguely thai fried rice

I was going to make that yummy thai green papaya salad, but the Asian grocery didn't have green papaya. I picked up these sour green mangoes instead, but the texture just isn't the same. I'm coming up with some creative recipes to use up the ingredients I bought for the green papaya salad.

2 cups Rice cooked with a handful of fresh basil
1 mango
2 cups chopped fresh green beans
6 cherry tomatoes
2 tbsp (or more!) soy sauce
cayenne to taste
just enough oil to coat your pan

First I cooked my rice with a handful of fresh basil in the pot. Just trying to use up my basil before it goes bad, but it makes for tasty rice! Then in a seperate pan I very lightly sauteed the green beans, mango and tomatoes for about five minutes. I turned off the heat, added the cayenne and soy sauce. I let that sit for a few minutes for the flavors to mingle a bit. Then put the rice in the pan, mix and turn on the heat. Fry until things just start to brown, maybe about 10-15 minutes. yum yum!