May 17th, 2006

white rice with assorted other things

so, i have an abundance of white rice, but nothing to make. i have a lot of peas and carrots and other vegetables, and even some fruit. anybody have white rice recipes they would like to share? i searched through the memories and couldnt find anything dealing SPECIFICALLY with white rice, so i thought i would go ahead and post.

thanks in advance
little me with rabbit

1 - 2 - 3 pasta salad

Well, it's getting to be summer time here and you know what that means. It means pasta salad. Searching for a recipe last week, I came up with a bunch of really gourmet-sounding garbage when all I wanted was a gross, mayonnaisey, family picnic style pasta salad. So I emailed my mom who sent me her connect-the-dots style recipe, which I modified to make vegan.

The ingredients I used were:
1 pound box of pasta (rotini, though penne would be good, too)
2 stalks of celery
1/8 cup (or so) red onion
1 14 oz can artichoke hearts in water, quartered
1 2oz can of black olives
1 cup frozen green peas
1 Tbsp sweet pickle relish
enough Veganaise to coat (about 1/2 cup?)

While cooking the pasta, finely chop red onion and celery, set aside. Drain and quarter artichoke hearts, drain olives and set these aside as well. When pasta is finished cooking, drain and rinse it with cold water. Let sit so that none of the liquid stays on it; water on the pasta will prevent the dressing from sticking. Once the pasta is drained and cooled, throw in the Vegenaise to coat then add in the rest of the ingredients, salt and pepper, a little cayenne and a little extra Vegenaise if you want. Put in the refrigerator to cool.

So simple and so delicious!


something fancy with silken tofu

my parents and relatives who are visiting from very far away are staying with me this weekend, and i want to make them something so deliciously vegan and fancy that it will blow their gastronomical minds. i was thinking probably a chocolate-banana silk pie would do because it's so tastey, but it looks nothing as fancy as something like a layered cake. but i already have all the ingredients for the pie so i'd like to find a recipe that calls for chocolate-banana mousse.

is there a way to encorporate chocolate-banana mousse into a layered cake? trifle? other awesomely gourmet-looking desserts?

the key is a celebratory and not single-serving thing, so that you have to cut/serve it.

what would you make?
vegan: vegans do it better

Divine Berry Lime Smoothie!

I have been really interested in creating smoothies lately and I had a bunch of fruit. So, I figured, why not? I make smoothies all the time and normally I wouldn't bother posting them, but this one (to me) tastes as good as if not better than Jamba Juice (to toot my own horn a bit). Here's the recipe. I'm sorry it's not exact, but I really made it up on the spot.

Divine Berry Lime Smoothie
8 Strawberries, tops removed
Handful of rasberries
1 Cup or so of limeade
1 Container of vanilla soy yogurt
About 12 or more ice cubes

Blend all in blender until smooth. Makes two servings (even though I'm going to drink both myself tonight!)

I hope some other people can enjoy this. :)