May 24th, 2006


recipe contest, ends may 31 (US residents)

oh, i keep forgetting to post about this. mambosprouts newsletter (the coupon folks) has a yearly recipe contest. i'll copy and paste the categories below. (i'm leaving the butter one in there cause some of you might know a non-vegan who might want to get in on the action)
the recipes have to be original, and i think they become the property of mambosprouts if you win.

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tofu salad sandwiches

I just made some really amazing tofu salad that i thought i would share. here's what i put in it:

*baked tofu, cubed (i used the "tofu lin" stuff that i think is by soy boy because it was leftover in the fridge)
*red pepper, cut up pretty small
*carrot, also cut up small
*a little bit of onion
*cayane pepper
*a little bit of hummus
*chopped fresh rosemary (dill would have been good too)
*lemmon juice
*a dash of salt

i just mixed it all up in a bowl and ate it open faced on two slices of toasted ezekiel bread (which just happened to be the kind of bread we had)

it was kind of amazing though