June 5th, 2006

Salads Galore!

I noticed a post a while ago about compound salads and thought I'd share...
It's not really a recipe, just the way I like my salads to be, as i'm not really a fan of tossed salad unless it is pretty basic!

So here we go what you will need:
3-4 spring onions
1 small red onion (skip this if you don't like a lot of onion)
3-4 sticks of celery
cherry tomatoes
half cucumber
mixed peppers (i used green, yellow and red)
1-2 carrots
mixed lettuce (whatever you like, I had spinach, watercress and rocket)
small tin sweetcorn

To taste:
black peppercorns
mixed dried herbs (skip this if you like I just use it for a tincy bit of umph!)
fresh parsley (either will do I used both flat leaf and curled)
1 lemon
1 lime
tbs olive oil 

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can someone give me the recipe for the tempeh glaze from the NATIVE FOODS cookbook?

I can't remember the amounts and my book is in another state!

please help me- i did'nt see any sauces or gravies on this site index. if anyone has any other good ideas, please let me know!

Unknown Indian food?

So I have a question for anyone who may be an Indian food buff. Yesterday I had an *amazing* vegan meal at an Indian place by me and there was one appetizer that I would love to find a recipe for, but I've no idea what it's called. It had crunchy fried noodles with mint chutney, chick peas and some other slightly spicy sauce that was red colored. The fried noodles were somewhat similar to the kind you get with chinese food. Anyone know what it's called?

Thanks in advance! Sorry for the vagueness!
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stuffed squash

Quinoa Stuffed Squash

First, I cut an acorn squash in half and scooped out the seeds. Place it face down on a baking pan, and put a couple of tbsps of water in the pan. Cover with a foil, and bake in a 350 degree oven for about half an hour.

While it's baking, in a pan, put about 1/4 of quinoa and 1/2 cup of water. Heat til boil, then reduce heat and simmer until water has been absorbed. Then add a dash of cinnamon, a pinch of salt, a few drizzles of syrup, handful of chopped or crushed walnuts, and a handful of raisins. Stir together, and turn off the heat.

When the squash is ready, take it out and put it face up. Scoop the quinoa mixture into the hollows. You may have some leftover quinoa, you can just eat it as is, or use it for something else. Put the filled squash halves back in the oven and bake for another 20 min, still covered with foil.

It's done when squash is tender. Yum.

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iced tamarind chai

Steep 3 or more black chai bags in 6 cups of water and chill. (I steeped it overnight in the fridge.) Combine with 1 can of Goya brand tamarind nectar. Drink :)

There's enough sugar in the tamarind nectar to sweeten the whole pitcher, but you could add more sugar if you wanted it sweeter.
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I found a book of gelato and sorbet recipes in the basement. The basic one is, "heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar". The yolks are to improve the texture and richness, and I want something kinda neutral/vanilla and versatile, so no Ener-G/applesauce/banana this time. I also want to avoid it tasting too much like soy, and want it to be different from the standard homemade ice cream recipes that call for tofu. (My milk sub is Almond Breeze which, to me, tastes much cleaner than most soymilks.)

So anyway, what's good for replacing the textural enhancement and richness/flavor that egg yolks would give? I'm thinking a little marge or oil, plus something thicker than almond milk--raw cashew cream? Or would it be better to try making a bit of simple stovetop custard with almond milk, cornstarch, and margarine? Just kicking around ideas here, I know it all comes down to actually experimenting and tweaking recipes, but what are your throught?