June 8th, 2006

Vegetable Casserole

Well there was nothing quick or particularly appetising for a quik-fix. Thats usually what happens when you drink during the day and get hungry at night. You eat everything for th next day hehe. Anyways I had alot of veg to be used up and as always I had lots of onions on hand since my mum buys me them in bulk cuz im onion-gal!

Please bear with me with amounts because I was jus cutting up any veg I could find and chucking it in so their rough estimates. And you might also want to tone down the onion hehe!!

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vegan weight watcher

I have recently started the weight watchers core program. There is a huge list of foods that I can eat all I want of on this program so I went to the store and boought a bunch of stuff but really am at a loss of how to put it together to make some tasty meals. I am a lousy cook and not very creative in the kitchen. I'll post a list under a cut of crap I have in hopes that you guys can give me some ideas. Thanks

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