June 12th, 2006

On the ferry

Is red palm oil supposed to smell/taste like this?

I'm trying some red palm oil for the first time. The things I have read describe the taste as "strong" and "distinctive", but no one takes a stab at actually telling me *how* it tastes.

It smells kind of like sheep or feta cheese or something in my skillet. Is that normal, or might this jar be rancid?
  • misfit

Carob- melting problems

I attempted to make carob-coconut rum balls for this week's vegan_cookoff contest, but let's just say that it was a disaster. A tasty disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. One of the issues was that the carob chips would not melt, and when they did, they became a giant blob as opposed to flowing thick liquid (like when you melt chocolate chips).

Is this a general characteristic of carob, or was my melting technique off? I did cheat and use the microwave (oh noooooo!), but I tried both lower and higher power to melt the chips to no avail.

(As a side note, the filling was akin to cream cheese-rum-coconut icing and would be great as actual cake icing instead of a candy filling!).

irish "cream"??

i am not much of a drinker but one thing i miss INCREDIBLY as a vegan is baileys irish cream. so, i started wondering if it would be possible to create a vegan version and did a bit of googling and came up with this:

Better Than Bailey's Irish Cream'   (vegan)

This recipe was sent in by Mark Olsen.
"Make yummy Irish Cream for about 1/3 the cost of the 'real' one! Apart from being
delicious it's also suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant."
You will need:
     1 tin         coconut milk
     2 tbs        brown sugar
     2 tbs        chocolate topping
     2 tsp        vanilla essence
     3/4 cup    whisky (or to taste!)
     Combine all ingredients thoroughly using a whisk, but do not froth. Keep
     refrigerated, preferably in a dark bottle. Old 'Bailey's' bottles are ideal!
     If your coconut has separated into solid and liquid, be sure to mix or blend
     thoroughly first into a completely smooth liquid with no lumps. Experiment with
     different brands as applicable.

has anybody ever tried this before? how similar is it to non vegan irish cream and is it even worth the effort to prepare? thanks in advance!