June 13th, 2006

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George Foreman Grill

A while back I read several people (either on this LJ comm or veganfoodpicks) discussing various uses of the George Foreman Grill. I believe someone made tempeh on it. Several other people weighed in about how they loved their GF grills. So I mentioned it to my mother who promptly bought me one as a gift.

Here's the question - can anyone offer me suggestions on what to do with this thing? As a vegan, will I find it useful? Recipes?


veggie wraps?

i bought whole wheat tortillas yesterday,
and have a bunch of veggies/beans lying around.
i'm planning to make a wrap of some type..
what vegetables are best for doing so,
and what is the best style for cooking them?

i've got really runny veggies,
like tomatoes (technically a fruit)
and things like cumcumbers, mushrooms,
baby greens, peppers and onions.

also..is hummus good in wraps?
sorry, i am completely new to this! & thanks =)

Question about soy ice cream

Stupid summer time, having nothing to do, is taking it's toll on me. Watching too much TV and living in Texas means i see a billion Dairy Queen commercials a day. I am very susceptable to advertising. Yes. I am the kind of person advertising companies love.


I want a blizzard.

Do you think that getting some soy delicious or some such icecream and adding the "toppings" and blending them will work...or would that be more of a shake?
Is there a way to get that kind of consistancy from store bought soy ice cream...


Does anyone have a recipe that would make soft serve type soy ice cream WITHOUT an ice cream maker?

Savoury crepe rolls filled with cheesy asparagus sauce accompanied by tomato topping

I finished my last assignment today, so in celebration made myself this totally gourmet dish! Its a veganised version of a recipe my mum made a long time ago.
This dish is special...well it made me gasp it was so good!

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On ur island

stuffed dates omnomnom

You know Trader Joe's date rolls? They're dates all pressed into little bite-sized pieces, rolled in coconut, and topped with a blanched almond half. Not wanting to crank up the oven to bake anything, but still craving sweets, I approximated these in my own kitchen by just splitting some pitted dates and smushing them together with dessicated unsweetened coconut and raw almonds. w00t for healthy raw recipes that taste like candy...even if they aren't very pretty.

Anybody have other ideas for stuff to fill the dates with? I'm thinking I'll add some cinnamon next time, maybe use pecans instead of almonds, figs...

Ice cream cones?

So while eatting an ice cream cone this evening, I noticed on the box it says eatting it with 'ice cream' is the suggestion. That made me wonder what else could you do with an ice cream cone? I have made cupcakes before in them, but anyone have anything else they have made with them, or think anything else might be tasty? Maybe non-dessert items? Just curious as I am way into cones right now (I get weird food cravings and can eat a lot of the same thing for like a month and right now it is the ice cream cone...mmmmm...) and well....I am just curious if anyone has any ideas. Thanks!

odwalla super protein-freezing?

back again for another question.

i bought one of the giant containers of odwalla super protein (as well as some of their orange juice) last week and just realized yesterday that they expire tomorrow and i hadnt even opened them yet! if i consumed nothing but those for the next fw days i could drink them both before they expire but umm...that'd be a bit boring and i dont really feel like juice fasting!

so i was thinking about make some sort of popcicle out of them by blening them together with some extra fruit. im dont even know if this would expand the shelf life of it or if odwalla ven freezes well. am i going to give myself food poisoning!?