June 14th, 2006


too much vanilla extract

I was wondering if anybody might know how to balance out the taste of adding [much] too much vanilla extract.

I was making cookies, and ended up splashing a heck of a lot more extract than intended, which left the dough both smelling and tasting of rubbing alcohol or something. [after eating a chunk, it seems like you can breathe fire hah]

is there anything i can add to take out that taste? :(

EDIT: thanks so much everybody for the replies. i think i will have to try to just bake these and see if the alcohol taste burns away. i would try doubling the recipe, but i don't have enough of the other ingredients [aww]; which is also why i wouldn't want to start over, aside from the fact that i'd be wasting this batch :)
thank you!
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Vegan Shrimp Paste Substitute

Does anyone know of a vegan shrimp paste substitute or even just a decent approximation of the shrimp flavor? I'm staying with my omni sister and she wants me to make a panang curry but the paste includes shrimp paste. Honestly, I don't even know what shrimp tastes like and if it were just for me I would be inclined to just leave it out completely, which is what I will probably end up doing anyway, but that is probably what my sister really likes most about it so I'm at least asking.
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Mock Chicken/Veggie Salad

It's summer in Santa Fe and so hot that I cannot bear to turn on the oven/stove/toaster oven for more than five minutes without wanting to cry, which means that it's been kind of difficult keeping tasty, nutritious food around--I've been persisting mostly on raw broccoli and vegetable sushi for the past week, and today in a dash to come up with something stumbled onto a recipe for a mock chicken salad that used raw tofu. Instead of using vegenaise, which is what the recipe called for, I used some leftover of this lemon tahini dressing, combined with 1 lb shredded tofu, 1 head finely chopped broccoli, 1 shredded carrot and 1/2 cucumber, some oregano, mint and thyme. I served it on whole wheat bread with sliced tomato and avocado and Holy Delicious, Batman. It was more veggie than tofu, which I liked, and was super quick and easy, relatively healthy, and required no heat. That's four out of four, folks.

corn flour?

i didn't see anything in the memories, so i hope i'm not going to sound like a broken record. i have a bag of corn flour and i'm not sure what to do with it. i think i needed it once for a recipe and only used a couple tablespoons. i'm not even sure if i used that much of it. i haven't been able to find any recipes calling for it, so i was wondering if anyone had any recipes with corn flour? the simpler the better, but i will take anything. i don't know if it can go bad, but i'd like to not risk it and have it go bad on me.

what to do with jamaican bammies?

so i bought these things at the asian food store called "jamaican citron valley bammies", the ingredients are cassava, salt, and calcium propionate. they look like white hard round circular patties. i cant find any recipies on what to do with them though, most sites say just to fry them and eat them. some suggested soaking it in coconut milk before frying. do any of you have any experience with them or any better ideas? thanks a ton -mary

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Vegan Cookies & Volunteering

Okay, I have some questions & its short and simple;

Do egg replacers or switches for butter change the spreading of cookies? Does anything at all change the spreading (or anything) for cookies or is it the same as is if I was making "normal" cookies?

I'm not using using commercial products though. Oil, margarine, unsweetend applesauce, bananna, ect. are what I'm using. Do these change the flavor or texture also? I do not know how much or if we'll be using banana because the main teacher at my vocational center is not able to eat bananas though she will not be there.

These are all for middle school kids to make into cookie pizzas that have grown up in easily one of the worst places for food in Michigan. We're trying to give an alternative for many reasons ranging from allergies to curiosity.

Thank you in advance!

chocolate banana cream!

Just in time for the hot hots, when i average about 2 of these per day...

1 frozen banana
2 cups soy/rice milk
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
cinnamon to taste

Blend until smooth. Feel free to add more/less milk to accommodate individual texture preferences. Also excellent without the cocoa powder.