June 27th, 2006

barbequed veggie wrap

i just bought my dad a barbeque for father's day. and basically... i haven't had a meal that didn't involve barbequing since then. it's so great! and i even have my vegan half of the grill. last night i made an amazing wrap. i didn't expect it to be so good!

barbequed veggie wrap:
red bell pepper
green bell pepper

ginger sesame salad dressing
sriracha (red rooster sauce)
garlic powder


i was making this just for myself, so i only chopped up enough veggies for one tortilla. i chopped them up pretty small and poured enough sauce to coat them. then i put them in foil and made a little pocket with a hole in the top and put them on the barbeque for about 12 minutes. i heated up a whole wheat tortilla, spread some vegenaise on it and put the veggies inside. then i rolled it up. amazing! although the vegenaise added extra fat/calories that weren't necessarily needed, and this wrap could stand alone without it... it did add a nice creaminess factor.