July 2nd, 2006

quick, easy, tasty snack

hi i just joined.
i wanted to share my favorite snack with everyone.

first, spread some hummus onto a pita, then slice up some cucumber, put the cucumber on top of the hummus.

its super easy and super tasty. perfect for when you're in a rush or you just got home from work and dont wanna cook.


I have an eggplant that I want to use in my Experimenting With Beans project. I have never cooked with one before.

Here is what I would like to use. Any suggestions? (Oven temp (F)and time suggestions would really help, too.)

1 eggplant
1/2 can aduki beans
1/2 can white beans
1 can diced tomatoes
1 package collard greens.
Portobello mushrooms

I thought I could make a sort of lasagna? Maybe? I have no 'cheese'. I do have yeast flakes. I'm not sure what to do with those, either. Could I sprinkle them on top?
drunken cosplay is bad


Hi there! I just joined the list last week and first off I have to
compliment everyone here. This is a great community and I'm loving it
already! So many great recipes! I moved to a town a few years ago that isn't
what you'd call vegetarian friendly by any stretch, so its nice to hear
from other vegans and vegetarians. And, the recipe index is great!

I thought I'd share one of my favorite things in the world-- Durian

Durian is a fantastic fruit from SE Asia. The whole fruit is about as
big as a turkey, spikey, and dangerous looking. If you've never tried
one, I highly recommend it. The pods have an interesting savory custard
flavor that I've found to be highly addictive.

Durian Pudding:

One large durian pod
A handful of berries (you can use blueberries, blackberries, mixed
A few chuncks of frozen mango
One can of coconut milk

Blend it all up and you've got an awesome breakfast pudding.

I guess I should also put a warning on here for those who've never
tried durian-- it stinks. Like, really, really stinks. So if you find a
frozen case of durian pods and open it up and think they're rotting, don't
worry. That's just how they smell. If you can get past the stink, the
flavor more than makes up for it. :)