July 3rd, 2006

maybe someone has an answer

i cook with sunflower, olive oil, and canola oil. i like to keep them in decorative dispensers, and refill them. i noticed that sometimes my stir fry will have a strange taste, or i can taste the oil. i tried to clean the container before refilling, but they are odd shaped and i dont think it got any cleaner. then i looked at the one that has sunflower oil in it, and it looks like theres some sediment in the bottom. i know that one was clean before i filled it, and the original bottle looks fine.
does oil go bad? i dont usually have it long, as i am using it often for various things. should i forget the pretty containers and just keep stuff in its original bottles?

request: tofu croutons

Why does LJ hate me? I'm 100% positive I put a recipe for tofu croutons (it was a fun post, too, that described how the tofu pops like popcorn in the oven!) in my memories, and it's not there now, and I can't find it in the index...

So, now I have to ask you lovely folks:

How do you make tofu croutons? I'm thinking I'll dice the tofu (I bought firm), toss it with some coating-stuff (nut. yeast, garlic salt, oregano, celery salt, maybe even bread crumbs?) and bake it on a non-stick pan, at maybe 350 for 10 minutes or so.

Does that sound even remotely reasonable?

Thank you!
heart in the sky

Meditations on a Breakfast Burrito

So, I've got a lot of food lurking in my fridge that's pretty close to expiration, including tofu, salsa and some vegan cheddar, and then there's about 20 tons of black beans in various forms in my pantry. I was thinking about what I could make with those, and I realized that I could probably come up with some breakfast burritos.

Scrambling tofu with lime juice, cilantro, onion, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, cayenne pepper and salsa seems like the best way to have a super-Mexican scrambled tofu. Knowing me, I'd throw in oregano and basil because I can't make something without thouse.
Then for the other things in said burrito, I was thining ... Spanish rice cooked w/ some extra sugar, black beans mixed with lime and cilantro, guac, pico, and the vegan chedder.

Now, my question is ... I also have some tofutti sour cream that I need to use up, and I don't really know how well that would go with said burritos. Could I just put it in plain, or does anyone know of anything I could mix with said sour cream to make it more breakfast-y?

PS: I did go through the memories and I found nothing involving breakfast burritos. I thought that was kinda weird. Are there recipes for them hiding somewhere bizarre or am I just totally missing it?