July 6th, 2006


Zucchini 'Gratin'

This was my response to a post regarding yellow squash an entry or two back. However, it's so good and flavorful it deserves its' own post. For gardeners desperately looking for ways to use up abundant produce, this one is especially useful since it calls for zucchini/yellow squash, tomatoes, AS WELL as basil. The one drawback -- it does requires baking, and at a high temperature no less. So I save it for those occasional summer days when it's not so devilishly hot. I've never tried it in a crockpot, but that might be an alternative. Or heck, even a solar oven -- put that intense summer sun to use!

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tin drum

hot &cold stir fry

I had this for tea last night and it was lush. No pictures because I munched it all before I could be bothered. I liked it because it was really quick and the tomatoes and cucumber cool down the spicyness.

Marinate some tofu overnight in olive oil, honey, lemon juice, chilli, garlic and ginger, then lightly fry pak choi in sesame oil. Add the tofu, serve it up and chuck diced tomatoes and cucumber on top. It was particularly nice with some soy sauce and sweet chilli.