July 10th, 2006


raw vegan feast!

this past saturday, my fabulous housemates and i put on a primarily raw vegan dinner party for our families. we've all been vegan for 10+ years and have been focusing on eating more raw since we moved in together a few months ago, so we wanted to share with our non-veg relatives some of the delicious things that we make around the house.

the menu (from top to bottom): olive salsa, raw veggie (red pepper, celery, carrot, cucumber, and spinach) sushi, bulghur salad, nut/mushroom "meat"loaf with barbeque sauce, and raw pasta...plus raw strawberry cheezcake with berry banana coulis for dessert!

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making your own granola "bars".

i want to make my own granola bars, or well some sort of version of them. and someone posted a recipe for them here. after baking the granola/nuts/fruit, she mixed everything with egg whites and maple syrup and then pressed it into muffins tins, and baked it a bit longer. any suggestion for what i can use instead of egg whites, that will make it all stick together? thanks so much. :)