July 15th, 2006


Zucchini Bread for Machine???

Bread machine owners out there -- anyone have a guaranteed vegan recipe for Zucchini Quick Bread, specifically for bread machines? (sweet style in particular -- I myself have a good recipe for a yeasted savory one.) I checked the index and found recipes for regular 'oven-baked' zucchini bread -- however, firing my oven up today would be practically suicide it's so hot. Meanwhile the garden zucchini is piling up. My machine has a 'quick bread' setting -- it occurs to me I could set it outside on the porch (away from us) and let it do its' thing. But before I try adapting a regular recipe, just thought I'd check if anyone knew specifically of a bread machine one. Thanks!

Muffin base

Hello! I have cherries and wanted to make cherry almond muffins so I was kinda hoping to find a basic muffin recipe that I could use and just throw in some vanilla, cherries, and almonds but so far all that I see in the memories have bananas in them and bananas tend to... dominate the flavor. I've heard tale that awesome muffins are hard to make, so I was looking for a familiar recipe that has worked for others. If you have suggestions, let me know, please! Thanks.

Help me with huckleberries, blueberries & rhubarb

I recently found the most amazing patch of huckleberries(lucky to live in the Northwest!). I am Looking for something inspirational to put them in. A tart, cobbler, crisp...

I also live down the street from a blueberry farm. I'm thinking a huckle/blueberry combo. I also have a rhubarb plant a growin' in the garden. Huckle/barb, yum or eww?? Any ideas or tried and true recipes?