July 17th, 2006



good news: i went to my local farmer's market and got some amazingly fresh produce.
bad news: i got wayy more lettuce than i realized. i've been eating salad almost twice a day, because i don't want it to go bad. after scanning my cookbooks, i haven't found a non-salad lettuce recipe. any ideas? i'm kind of scared to freeze it..


I never had a great love for eggplant, but after becoming vegan a year ago I just can't stand it. I don't know what it is about eggplant, but I absolutely won't eat it. I've passed up fabulous veggie dishes at my favorite restaurant just because its there. It's not the texture, because I won't eat babaganoush, either; and it's certainly not the color because hey, purple's great.
What are you absolute favorite knock-your-socks-off eggplant recipes? There are so many recipes that I could look for myself, because eggplant's just so popular, but I wouldn't even know where to start. I couldn't decide for myself, but if someone said HEY MAKE THIS I probably would.

I just want to love eggplant:(

muffin liners

i've been having quite a difficult time getting my muffin liners to part with my muffins as of late, and was wondering if anyone had any tips? i 've tried spritzing the liners with a nonstick cooking spray, but that seems to change the way the muffins bake and funky muffins make nobody happy.


Banana Bread Without A Loaf Pan

Okay, so -- I want to make banana bread because I have two lovely brown-spotted bananas and they are begging to be put into a moist loaf of yummy goodness. However, I do not have a loaf pan. How should I adjust my recipe to take into account that I am making it in a casserole dish? Or am I just screwed as far as banana bread goes?

While I'm here, does anyone have a good uncomplicated recipe for moist banana bread?