July 19th, 2006

yummy brunch

just had a yummy brunch with my sweetie that we made with recipes we found on here :)

we made blueberry & strawberry pancakes
with a peach compote
homestyle potatoes
and fruit smoothies

it was awesome to say the least...thanks

fried okra

i have an abundance of okra from my garden, i've already made a few stews, so i want to try some fried okra tonight. i've never breaded it myself. i was thinking of dipping it in soymilk, then bread crumbs as i have done this with eggplant, but do i have to cook it first? then i was thinking of frying it in the pan with oil, but would baking it be better?
any suggestions??

Fresh Lemon Balm

I have an overabundance of fresh lemon balm. What are your favorite, tried and true recipes using it? I've never had it before. I was thinking of making some sort of tea or lemon balm water or using it in a sauce with rice and greens or squash. Any suggestions or tips on how to make the best of it?