July 23rd, 2006

egg yolks for kolacky

let me apologize in advance, i hate seeing egg questions, too. but i wanted to make this recipe:

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and usually i just use ener-g to replace the egg yolks (they have a special recipe on the box for how to do it) but i am all out of ener-g and forgot to pick some up at the store (and the store closed). i don't want to use bananas cause the flavor is too strong. should i be concerned about it "rising"? these cookies tend to come out fluffier than my aunt's non-veg version anyway. it's got yeast. is there some sort of powder mix of my own i could make (assuming i don't have a lots of random potato flours and xanthan gum laying around) or would it be ok to try using apple sauce? i have flax seed, but no coffee grinder to grind them with. any ideas?

Berry Smoothie

I've made an effort to try something even though I probably won't be able to taste a thing! Instead of using up all the fruit my mum got me by eating it and risking a very messy bedroom floor. I thought "Hey! why not trick my stomach!?" 
And thats just what I did!

What else could be better for the flu? Except maybe not having it....

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usernameabsinthe's high-concept three-bean pasta salad!

It's been awhile since I've posted here, and I'd like to share with you a superbly simple cold salad that I came up with* for a vegan barbecue a few weeks ago. Everyone loved it, and it's perfect food for the summer heat wave. I recommend enjoying it at your own barbecue with any available microbrewed beer/40oz malt liquor/wine box.

You will need:

One (1) twelve-ounce package of that colorful rotini pasta (or bulk-bin equivalent)
One (1) can of great northern beans
Two (2) cans of small pitted black olives
One (1) red bell pepper
Three (3) cans of readymade three-bean salad (two if you want less intense "three-beanyness")

While your pasta is boiling dice the bell pepper and drain the olives and great northern beans. (be sure you don't drain the three-bean salad by mistake-- eeeek!) When the pasta is done, dump it in a colander and rinse in cold water. Be sure it's well-drained before you put it in your (hopefully large) salad bowl. Add the other ingredients. Stir. Enjoy! I like my cold salads to be rather chilly, so I put it in the fridge for a while before serving.

*it's actually an expansion of a salad my mom has been known to make, although hers just consisted of three-bean salad and pasta.

Perfect chana dal

I was convinced I had already posted one "staple" dal [1] recipe (probably with urid or mung dal), but i can't find it, so maybe I didn't. Anyway, this particular version of chana dal is just perfect, so it's worth making a note of it and spreading the word :-) For the same reason, I won't go much into variations or substitutions: experimenting with dal is almost always rewarding, but the point of this particular recipe is that it came out just perfect with the ingredients listed. It is also a dead simple recipe -- the only complicated things are the ingredients, and I happen to have them all in the house as staples...

This makes about 4 portions when served with rice only.
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