July 24th, 2006

Desperate for Mousse

Hello All,
Although I havent posted in forever, I am constantly reading everyone's wonderful posts. Thanks for all of the ideas, smartvegans ;D

I have finally been pushed from my nearly-stalker-status in this community, because I have an urgent question that only you guys could answer:

I have silken tofu, and want to make chocolate mousse. However, I have no vegan chocolate chips/etc. I am staying with someone, and their cooking stock only contains vegan cocoa powder, and vegan liquid-chocolate (You know, the stuff you put over Ricedream, or mix into soymilk to make chocolate milk?). Are either of these suitable substitutions? I am not looking to make a gourmet dessert... I just want to impress my host.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

Greek Fried tofu berry guacamole salad!

Ah! I just came up with this great and delicious invention!

firm tofu
spinach (or lettuce, whatever you prefer)
button mushrooms (or any other veggies you like in your salad)
black berries
whole grain mustard
Cavender's Greek seasoning!

okay first and foremost, drain and slice tofu and press it! leave it pressed until you mix the marinade.

whole grain mustaRd, lemon juice, and a little water
I didn't really take measurements, so make as much as you think you need

place the tofu pieces in the marinade while you prepare the guacamole!
okay for the guacamole I used
1/4 avocado, some slices of onion, a few cilantro leaves , lemon juice, and some slices of tomato
and then I blended them together with my MAGIC BULLET <3

okay you can now place your spinach, mushrooms and guacamole in a bowl and mix it up!

THEN cover a plate with the Greek seasoning and cover the tofu pieces with it!
place in a frying pan use oil/PAM and pan fry those suckas!

I liked to make them really crispy, so i kept them in longer.
Add to the salad and ENJOY!