July 29th, 2006

Fruit Juice, what do do with the rest.

I was reading the Fruit Juice section in the Fit For Life Recipe Book by Marylin Diamond. She said the non-juice part of the fruit could be used as a body scrub (I think). I can't find where exactly that bit is, so i don't remember exactly what she said (it wasn't much anyway).

What else do you all do with the non-juice part of juiced fruit? Mainly how you use it in food.

I don't want to waste anything!


nutritional juices

I just finished boiling up some delicious brown lentils and when I was letting the water out of the pot and into the sink, I noticed, as usual, the water retained a rownish color from the lentils.

This really got me thinking and I realized this would be a great question to post about here. I prepare greens, grains, root vegetables, and legumes quite often by boiling them. Sometimes, the water steams itself and the nutrional liquids of the food are left there... but many times, I drain the water, and probably lose plenty of the food's nutrition.

What should I do? I could use less water but for some of these things, its hard to estimate how little water could be used for it to mist itself up. Are there other simple ways to prepare these foods that doesn't take as much of their nutrition away?

My name is Julia, by the way. and thanks for all your help!!!

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