July 30th, 2006

Fava bean help?

I just bought fresh fava beans for the first time, and I find that I'm not sure how to prepare them.

My questions:

  • The beans are attached to the pod by little green connector pieces. Do I need to take those off, or can I eat them?

  • Each of the beans appears to have a fairly thick, lighter-green skin around a darker/brighter-green center. Do I eat both, or do I have to peel each bean?

  • How long should I cook them? How will I know they're done?

  • Is it ok to salt them as they cook, or do I need to wait?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Replacing baking powder in cornbread

    I committed the cardinal sin of not checking to make sure I had all the ingredients before starting a recipe.  Halfway through measuring out the ingredients for my corn muffins I discovered I have no baking powder (how can I not have baking powder???).  My chili is burbling away on the stove, so I can't run to the store, is there any adjustment I can make to the recipe to compensate for no baking powder?  I was thinking upping the baking soda and adding more vinegar might work, a la wacky cake.

    ETA: doubling the lemon juice and baking soda worked pretty well.  They weren't quite as rounded as usual, but otherwise were just dandy.

    Tofu Bacon

    Yesterday I got the book Vegan Vittles, by Joanne Stepaniak who wrote the Uncheese Cookbook, from the library.  Looking through it, there are some amazing recipes and I'm excited to have this book for the next three week.  I might even go buy it.  (I love that about the library, so I don't have a bunch of cookbooks that I like one or two recipes out of, I can test drive them out first!)

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    low-fat and high-protein?

    My dad's been sick lately, and one of the side effects of his illness is that he can't eat very much food at once before he feels full. He also had his gallbladder out as part of his treatment, and so he's been having a hard time with fatty foods. What can I make for him that has plenty of protein and calories without much fat? Two more restrictions: he doesn't eat beans (not that I haven't tried ;->) and he can't handle foods that are really crunchy, like granola.

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    Pan Tofu: soft in the center?

    I just marinated some Extra Firm tofu, then gave it a light coating of flour and put it in the pan with oil (I sliced the block into two thin rectangles). I added some spices from my "Supreme Meat Mill" herb grinder while it was cooking. Everything smells wonderful, but when I cut each piece in half to serve, I noticed that the center is still fairly soft and only warm, not hot.

    Is it still good to eat?

    And next time, how do I get the colour all through the tofu and get it hot to the center without cutting the tofu into cubes. (My girlfriend has just become vegan and wants the most meat-like meals, such as vegan steak that will look at taste like what she's used to.)
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