August 6th, 2006

  • svenna

Store-bought popcorn

A while back I read the ingredients in the popcorn my grandma was eating to see if it was vegan and noticed that it contained egg and milk. My mother bought popcorn yesterday and it had milk in it. When she made it I kept smelling it and craving popcorn. I don't have an air popper, so I'll need to get a store-bought popcorn.

Does anyone know of a popcorn brand or type that's vegan, or am I going to have to find room/money for an air popper?
  • nomiee

soymilk for coffee!!

just wondering what type of soymilk goes better in coffee?
i know a few kinds take on a differant flavor when in coffee, and can't sit long before they go bad.
by sitting long i mean it takes me 3 hours to drink my coffee at work in the morning.
thanks you in advance! my husband and I are going to try going vegan in a few weeks :) i'm excited. Vegetrainism has been fun, but i'm thinking it's a vegan life for us! :)

Shelf Life of "Sour Cream" and Baking With It?

I'm seeking a vegan sour cream that will last a while in the fridge without separating or getting gross. Fridge life of . . . maybe a couple weeks? I love sour cream, but I don't use is regularly (only when I make fajitas).

Can you guys give me estimates on fridge life for the Tofutti kind? I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard pretty good things. Also, do the homemade tofu-based ones last very long sealed up in the fridge? They seem like they wouldn't do too well after a day or two.

And do any of you have experience baking with vegan sour cream? I used to use the dairy stuff a lot in cakes for moisture, but I'm been hesitant to try that with the vegan versions. Any idea what they would do?